Starting in JUNE, anyone? HMS sultan

Apparently it's June now got a letter yesterday morning lol, I'm happy now I've got a start date 20th July 15

Give me time to
Prep and save for all the vaccinations haha

Are you heading down April still Emma?
Im SG2, I presume I'm April intake now as I was only on the reserve list for January and havn't heard anything else. I have had all my vaccinations, blood test, seamans book, ENG1 etc and my security clearance has gone through it didn't take long. I had an email asking for my employers details for my reference on Monday.
Excellent what was the cost for your medical side of things?

Also when did you start the ball rolling with your checks? I've been checking my junk email and inbox but have yet to see the security clearance mail. I shall keep a close eye :)

Are you looking forward to your start I. April ( if that date doesn't change haha)
My ENG1 was £80
Seamans book £40 (non refundable)
I only paid for yellow fever £58 my GP did the others.
They sent my email for the SC when I accepted the job offers. It took 25 days to clear.
Yeah can't wait to start now, I kept hoping for January but I'm still happy I got offered April as an alternative :)
Hey Emma! Sorry about the late reply
Got an email the day and got my ENG 1 booked for January. :) still waiting out on my security check,

Yeah I'm looking forward to getting back into The naval way of it again. Hang up the army boots :)
I got told that over 200 people applied the last time for SG2 for 12 jobs starting in January and then so many for the new apprenticeship scheme in April
Na it hasn't got that far yet. Waiting on an interview. Applied a while ago and got offered the interview, couldn't go to that for a few reasons but have re applied. Hoping ive not shot myself in the foot...

Wouldn't be nervous though, you've done the hard part!
Hi guys just quick question after you've done your training at Raleigh you go to sea for four months right? Any idea where you do your deployment or is it dependent on the ships tasking?! Do you normally get tine off in between finishing training and going to sea? Also I hear Austin is going in for refit which is a training ship so which ship would be an alternative
As an SG2 you complete part 1 training then go on to do BSSC(Fire Fighting & Damage Control).

Your first trip depends on the training ship - I did mine on the Fort Austin, which was based around the middle east.

You may get some time off after finishing your training and starting your trip.

The training ship has usually been Fort boat in recent times (Rosalie, Austin or Victoria) - I believe the Victoria is being readied to be used for training after the Austin returns to the UK. The Fort boats have greater accomodation capacity so this is why they are used. However there is only one more SG2 class going through Raleigh before the apprenticeships come in.... the training, sea-time & leave is apparently changing when this happens.

On your first trip you will normally be accomodated in 2 man cabins. So if you dont wash or like a good **** - get yourself introduced to soap as soon as possible & train to touch yourself quietly.
I must be the last training going through then! Leave is changing? I was told in contract you get 84 days leave after every four mobth deployment
Hey all/ Deeps, not been on here for a while!

I was told April too but my latest letter says 20th of June as well! Got to say I'm looking forward ot it now. Spent 5 years in the mighty RN and worked with the RFA on a few occasions and made some good friends onboad their ships.

Got to say I'm looking forward to getting back to sea again (Throbber, I know)
Congrats goose, im just needing my passport renewed and i should get my contract too. Cant wait to
get the confirmation and get to meet all you random names on a screen ;)

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