Starting a new relationship months before starting training.

I think that the best thing for you would probably be to put your heart and soul into your preparations for the PRNC and starting at HMS Raleigh, concentrating on keeping up your fitness etc. You would be giving yourself a flying start to your career if you do that and I think that you would be glad that you had made that choice.

My perception is that, on occasion, recruits do give up on their training and go home because their girlfriend wants them at home; it's rare that I have heard that those relationships have gone on to flourish afterwards, I've heard more often that the girlfriends have then wandered off. It's not uncommon, I gather, for RN Careers Advisors to hear from people who did leave in the first few weeks for a girlfriend and who then want to come back because the relationship didn't work out.

At 26, there will be ample time in the future for "serious relationships" and so many opportunities to find one, as you will meet people who appeal to you. The chance to start out on what could be a great career might not come along as often, so make the most of the opportunity you have now with your place at HMS Raleigh.

PS Try not to use the word "gotten" in your written English, it looks a little odd when the writer isn't from the US.
Just fancy, a whole new vocation for you! Pussers one and only 'Agony Aunt'. Column inches in Navy News even.....:)


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@soleil wot I said but with better words:)
And some even longer. :cool:

Relationships can be rather trying at times but where there is extended absences can be a sod. It's hard to see where things are going when you're a few thousand miles away and the mail is late and the darkness of the middle watch conjures up all sorts of fairy tales. Just be sure the love and trust is there, but get Phase 1 and 2 out of the way before worrying about anything else.


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However it pans out don’t leave just because you’re missing your girlfriend. Cousin of mine knew a lad who got a pretty prestigious scholarship to play footy in ‘Merica. Left it all behind because he missed his bird only to find out she cheated on him. Same bloke then joined the Navy and is now leaving after about 3 years for a different girl, same reasons. Naturally all his mates think he’s crackers. Apparently some lads never learn!

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