Starting 5th Feb anyone else? HMS Raleigh

Starting my training at HMS Raleigh 5th Feb, CISWE, is anyone else starting this date? Also can anyone who has completed training give me a breif idea of what to expect, what its like at Raleigh, the places you have been etc etc

Thanks :)
My son has the same date, he's 16, I'm so nervous about him leaving but I'm sure he'll be fine once he's there
We have had the worried parents of quite few young recruits on this forum in the past and for the vast majority it has turned out well. Expect bumps along the road as it is a big culture shock for any age recruit when they first get to Raleigh. Home sickness and kit upkeep seem to be the major bugbears for youngsters so get yourself ready for the tearful phone call. I hope your lad proves me wrong and I wish him and yourself all the very best of luck.
Thank you, I have been trying to prepare him a little by making him wash and iron his own clothes, he's really looking forward to going but I suppose that'll be different once he's there and I'm not behind him telling him how to do things.
Hi storm0112 my son joined earlier this year at just 16 & I was very much the same but he was fine , we expected the odd phone call saying he wanted to come home but he never once rang & said it , he loved every minute of it from getting on the train to his pass out parade & is still loving it now , we thought he might struggle a little with his kit but he actually received captains prize for highest standard of dress & kit upkeep so as you can imagine we are very proud of him ! Good luck to your son
Thank you, well done to your son. I think to myself how will he handle certain situations and start to worry because he's so laid back and I don't want him to fail, I'll be a nervous wreck while he's away because he's never been away from home for any amount of time apart from the odd night staying at his mates house.
I was exactly the same as my son was so lazy & laid back before he went in but what a difference in him from the day he started but it's something he wanted since he was 15 so I think that really does make all the difference ! He is currently doing his phase 2 as an AET & is absolutely loving it & when he was home for summer leave I was sick of hearing him say he was bored haha ! It is nerve racking but I'm sure he will get there & you will be so proud the day he passes out , it's an absolutely amazing day & very emotional too , if you need a chat anytime just send me an inbox x
thanks if he is on facebook i can add him and i can invite him to a group with me and another guy going on the same day, and see if he needs help with anything at all?
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