Started my application process, got a few questions...

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by TheFonz, Aug 11, 2010.

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  1. Hello all, Ill start by introducing myself....

    My name is Steve, im 23 years old and live in Tipton in the West Midlands.

    Im a practising Mixed Martial Artist with a less than stellar record of 0-3 in the cage (a work in progress haha)

    I decided a while ago that its about time I did something with my life as I dont really have any commitments and dont really have alot going for me at this stage. So after a long hard think about things Ive decided to apply to join the Royal Navy.

    I went to my local recruitment office today to have a chat with the guys down there and decided to apply for ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN - MARINE ENGINEERING (SUBMARINER)

    I hope you guys can help me with a few questions and I apologise if im posting in the wrong section of the forum, mods please feel free to delete this if necessary.

    1) Ive done a bit of research and gathered that the waiting time for what ive applied for is roughly 12 months. What does this mean? 12 months til what exactly?

    2) Regards to the RT test, I can imagine that the pass grade must be pretty high for an engineering technician? If I dont meet the criteria, will I be offered something more suited to me or is that the end of the line for 12 months?

    3) Im a fairly fit guy due to the very demanding training I do in order to fight and compete in my sport. I can do a fair amount of press ups and sit ups and can run 1.5km in the expected time no problem. But I do however think I may have a problem with my BMI (27.7) as Im 6'1 and 210lbs. Im no Adonnis but I carry little fat. Could this be an issue with the medical?

    Massive apologie for the rant but im excited and hope you can all help me with the questions.

  2. Hi and welcome.
    Telling everyone your name, age and where you live on a public forum isn't a great idea by the way!

    1) The waiting time is from when you sit yout RT to when you start Phase 1 training assuming your application goes smoothly, however these waiting times do change.

    2) Don't worry to much about the pass mark just prepare properly for the test and try your best on the day. If you don't score high enough for ET(MESM) you'll be told what trades are open to you.

    3)Haven't got a bloody clue but no doubt someone who knows what they're talking about will be along soon :wink:

    Good luck with everything.

  3. Thanks for the reply.
    Ive used forums for different things over the years and its become second nature to introduce yourself properly, probably because of forum trolls etc. oooooops 8O
  4. heres a link to help you with prep for your Recruit test. :)
    Im not sure what the maximum wieght/ BMI is for passing the medical, although 18 is the minimum, so im geussing around 30 would be the higher marker, ( but dont take my word for it! :) )
    Good luck with your test, many people dont prepare for it, and fail, so practice practice practice, and you will absolutely fine!

  5. i have known people who are under bmi or over have been asked to loss/put on weight before they sign the medical off just depends how much weight you need to lose
  6. Hi Steve!

    Welcome to Rum Ration!

    If the Waiting Time is 12 months, this means that, in theory, the gap between the date on which the applicant sits the psychometric test and the date on which he/she begins Basic Training is about a year.

    If your score isn't high enough for ET ME(SM), you will be told which jobs you have scored highly enough for and will be asked which of those you would like to be considered for.

    Re the BMI/Medical question, if someone's BMI is above what the Medic finds acceptable, they are asked to come back at a later date having shed some weight. However, your BMI suggests that this wouldn't happen to you. It may be best if you can shift it down a little to say 24/25, though.

    PS It would be a good idea to change your user name and edit out your surname.
  7. BMI should be under 25. I accept you are very physically fit, but it's to do with arthritis risk and a few other bits and bobs. If you could lose the few extra pounds it would make your life easier.
  8. whoooaaa i gotta lose a load of weight in that case i weigh 17stone and im 6'0 tall...maybe should lay off the weight lifting for a bit????
  9. Thanks for all the replys guys, really appreicated.

    My main concern was about the RT test. I would have been gutted if I didnt score high enough and was told to come back next year!

    I will get to work on my BMI and aim to get it around 23/24, It sholdnt be that difficult really, I have plenty of time. I have got to lose around a stone anyway so im sure this will make quite a difference.

  10. youre 6'1 and 210?

    do you cut weight when youre fighting or do you walk round and fight at 210?
  11. Hello,

    I cut weight.

    I weighed in at a catch weight of 190lbs for my last fight on the 31st july. I cut 20lbs in 3 days for that fight. Lost via GnP TKO in the first round :(

  12. thanks for this reply. I will be skin and bones but 'rules is rules' I suppose.
  13. 20lbs in 3 days is too much id say ( not that im a professional nutrutionist lol)

    how did you lose your other 2 fights?
  14. Trust me, cutting 20lbs in 3 days is a stupid idea! it was one of the most vile and demanding times of my life! 6hrs in a sauna to shift the final 10lbs nearly broke me! (15mins in 5mins out and repeat)

    My debut fight was back in 07 against a tough kickboxer, I lost a close decision. Was a great fight. Classic striker vs grappler match.

    My 2nd fight was controversial, I got eye gouged and the fight was stopped by the ref due to injury in the first round. Its on my record as a KO loss for some reason :(

    My fight a couple of weeks ago was against an absolute beast of a man who holds two british titles, one at LHW and the other at MW. He destroyed me! I enjoyed the experience though, I just love to fight!

    My background is BJJ and sub wrestling. I should maybe stick to the mat and avoid the cage haha
  15. or try and matched up against another grappler lol
  16. What is this cagewarriors forum. :wink:

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