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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by jadeeee, Jan 26, 2011.

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  1. hi i was wondering if any writers have had a start date yet if so when did you take you rt

    thank you
  2. hi fellow writer

    hi i took my rt in march 2010 and i havnt been given a start date. Just had a second interview cuz its nearly been a year of waiting and re-doing my fitness in the next couple of weeks. When did you sit ur rt? :queen:
  3. ohhhh i took mine in april 2010 and im due for a secong interview in march have you been givien a rough time or anything thanks :)
  4. no not at all tbh im in the same postion as hundreds of people
  5. Hi, I also passed my RT in April 2010. I have been on the RPC which I really enjoyed, currently still waiting to hear about a start date and should have my update interview soon.

  6. Don't worry about Deano, as he is on the 'Special' list.
  7. When i went in for my interview i got told the waiting list was 2.5 years currently. But submariners have started to be given times so hopefully when jobs have been sorted and allocations can be made to raleigh, this waiting time should reduce slightly. (fingers crossed). But seems to be a long wait still at the moment. What ideas have you been told reguarding waiting times? Good to hear somebody in the same trade and similar application time to me out there lol.
  8. Took my RT in March 2010 also.

    I have been told by my local AFCO to be prepared for news in May or there could be contact sooner if circumstances change.
  9. i was told about 18 months but havnt been on the rnac or anything i am hoping to here soonish tbh but i supose il have to wait till march or give them a call
  10. fishface

    fishface Badgeman Book Reviewer

    my afco told me if i wanted to know somthing, ring them, don't wait for them to ring you
  11. I started my app october 09 and was told I would have 18months to wait. Got my date for may the 8th so was a good estimate, I did my rnac may 2010 and some people there were going to hms raleigh within a week of finishing so can't really use it to judge when u might get your date!
  12. fishface

    fishface Badgeman Book Reviewer

    You evil wind up powers wont work here!
  13. Last year around september my careers advisor told me that he was confidant that I would get a date for June 2011. After contacting my AFCO about my entry date he informed me that it would be unlikely that I would get a start date for 2011 and should expect my start date to be in 2012. Hopefully things have since changed, there seems to be a lot more positive news coming out at the moment.

  14. okay thanks deano i probably give them a call and find out then il let you know what they say :)
  15. Well that would make sense as you neeed to add six months onto estimated times due to Raleigh closing for six months, so early 2012 would sound about right.
  16. I dont my test in July 2010. Got my date to join raleigh on 17th July 2011. I'm going in as a writer.
  17. Thanks let me know when you get some news :)
  18. Did you mean July 2009, or was it 2010? Just wondering as everyone else seems to have waited longer than that since taking RT, and no other writers (on these boards at least) have starting dates just yet. What was it that you were in as before? Was is Seaman Specialist or AET (Or is that the same job?) I thought maybe you're in sooner as you've already done the training or something like that.
  19. i did my RT in July 09 back then the waiting list was 12 months, so i was hoping to rush things through and to get in for late 2010, with all the defence cuts imposed by the goverment this looked unlikely i rung my afco who said waiting list is now 14 months and booked me on RNAC. I Went RNAC in October 2010 this is were we told how bad the recruitment really was, there was a few on rnac with imminent dates, but my CA told me to expect news in Jan 2011, Well Jan 2011 has almost passed i dont wanna seem like a complete CNUT but ive tried to contact my CA 3 times this month and on the last time i was succesful, my CA told me this

    Not all the allocations/numbers have been sorted/finalised for this year yet and he is due to hear shortly, he has made a note on my account to contact with a rough estimate when the details are through (end of next week). He then told me the waiting list has gone up to 24 months and it could be end of the year or early next year now for my date, i was a little pissed at this as i thought 12 months from RT + 6 months for raleigh closure in 2010 and i should be hearing something, still 18 months on and no idea of a date. Put money on it i book the dominican for august and get a july start date
  20. Best of luck to you Raf. Truly.

    Still waiting for paperwork issues to be sorted in my case and im suspecting that I wont be in til next year even though my wait time meant I should be going oct/nov time. Just gotta hang in there buddy and keep focused. You have it easy at this stage of things as its just the waiting game.

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