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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by cash, Nov 28, 2013.

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  1. when do you get given your start date? i have my interview and the PRNC left to do was just wondering how you find out ( do they send a lettertell you after interview)?

    when the going gets weird the weird turn pro
  2. When you pass your interview and selection is complete your CA will bid on a place for you. As soon as a training place becomes available you will be informed of the date- could be as soon as you are bidded on if a shortage trade, could be a while if there is a wait. Your CA will let you know though as soon as they get confirmation.
  3. Ninja_Stoker

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    You'll probably find out by phone call, about 6 or more months before entry, followed-up by a letter. Believe it or not some branches are being allocated entry dates for October 2014 already, whereas others are still being notified of entry dates in Jan-March as there are still unfilled intakes in shortage category branches.
  4. Is it still Chef that is a shortage trade?
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Yep, Chef, ET(WESM), WS(MW), RM.
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  6. Why did you ask Rachel3? Are you re-assessing your cooking skills?? Considering that Chef remains the hardest course in the RN though you might not want to change from your intended branch role . . .
  7. No I was just curious, it's intriguing how things change over time- my friend went in just over a year ago as a chef and her class was made up of people who had waited a few years, and a few who waited a few months. Just interesting to see how things change and that. I admire how hard chefs work, long hours in a hot and usually cramped kitchen, emptying swill and all that; its not for me lol. Also jokes about it being the hardest course as no one ever passes probably get old :D
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  8. good im going for ET(WESM) and was told back when in first started to be looking at feb-jan but im worried as ive still got PRNC cheers for the replys

    when the going gets weird the weird turn pro
  9. People have had their PRNC just a few weeks before Raleigh before, don't worry- if you get a start date they will squeeze it in!
  10. Still fresh for some, believe me.

    Plus, I IS old . . . ish.

    And whenever the scran is less than palatable, remind yourself of this - it isn't food, it's fuel.

    Right, hijacked this thread enough now. My work is done here . . . ;-)
  11. Probably a good way to lose weight if it ain't all that tempting. I worked some summers for a civilian catering company that worked in the canteen on base; people were commenting how the food served was better than that cooked by military chefs. Must have just been branch shanter though as the slop served was freakin' rank!
  12. Base port scran has dropped in quality with PAYD. Scran onboard can be awesome if you get a good chef, he is allowed to utilise his budget and he's not been tinning up all night!!

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  13. Pfffft all of you in i am jealous offff never getting in.
  14. I passed my PJFT yesterday, so now I've got the wait for my dates...hopefully its sooner rather than later :D
  15. Hi everyone I finally recieved my entry date has anyone else starting hms Raleigh on the 26/10/2014. And is there a chance on being put on selection earlier if people drop out ? Thanks
  16. exJenny

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  17. Hi guys!! I have an entry date of the 11th may 2014 and a PRNC date of the 10th Feb... anyone epse on them dates??

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  18. Theres a 'when are you going to hms raleigh' thread, see if anyone else has that date :) congrats as well, what trade?

  19. Thanks :) and MA :) I have had a look on there but am the only one by the looks of it!! :)

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  20. Ah hopefully more May 11th'ers will be along soon :D

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