Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Bagsy89, Jan 19, 2015.

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  1. Hello there, just wondering how long it takes to get a start date after completing the fitness test?
    I have been told it is 12 months from recruitment test to start date for an AET but just want an idea of the wait to get the confirmed start date.
  2. That all depends on who told you.
  3. The AFCO told me 12 months until my start date from recruitment test.
  4. How long has it been since you passed your RT?
  5. And what part of that do you doubt or not understand.
  6. Simple maths really. Date of RT Test - length of time between then & now = the remaining wait until a start date.
    Any room for poets in the RN along with mathematicians?
  7. Haha, may have phrased the question wrong but im asking how long until i will get the confirmed start date in the post after ive completed my fitness test (which is today). I know it is roughly December i will be joining because i passed my RT on 16th December but i havent got a definate date.
  8. You can literally get your joining dates at any time. From what I've read on this forum some have had a months notice, some have had 9 months notice prior to joining. You also go on the PRNC course before starting at Raleigh, so you'll be given a date for that too, but should you fail the PRNC then the Raleigh date is revoked. No pressure
  9. Bit nervous about it all but im sure if i give it 100% and get on with it i will be fine! So the AFCO will have my date already but they just arent giving it to me until i pass everything then? Thanks that was some good advice
  10. No as soon as your AFCO know, you'll know. They need to 'bid' for your dates now you've passed your PJFT which takes time as a few hundred others are applying too!
  11. Thanks for that, i will make sure they put a good bid in then ;)

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