Surprised that no one has pushed the Outrage bus out over "Starbucks" Corporation Tax avoidance strategy and two parlimentary committees are to investigate. UK committees to examine Starbucks tax strategies | Reuters - where's Finks when you need him????

To my mind they must be employing some very savvy tax advisors to get away with Zero Corporation Tax. They "rent" their own logo from the US (tax deductable) ... their coffee is bought in Switzerland (5% tax) then shipped and ground in The Netherlands before being shipped over here making use of the EU freedom of trade!

While I am sure some people will boycott Starbucks I can't see it making too much of a dent in their profits.

So do you go to Starbucks to make use of the free WiFi or go next door to Costa Coffee????????
Lavaza coffee in Weatherspoons is less than half the price and tastes as good if not better than SB's, IMO peeps only use SB's to pose.
Tell me about it. Stopped in Birchanger services on the M11 on Monday and sent Mrs MG to get coffee ... choice of Starbucks at £3 or £1:50 for a Costa from a machine in WH Smiths ... you can guess what I got. Now if it had been a new dress :) :0 ???????


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I try my best to avoid Starbucks like the plague. Often find the "Apple" savvy types love to go there to show off their latest Apple product using their free WiFi..... Plus it costs way over the odds.
I have been to Starbucks, and each time I take great delight in saying, "can I have a medium black coffee, please?" I wait for the spiel, then say again "can I have a medium black coffee, please?" There is a moment of confusion, then when they actually look at you, and see the expression on your face, they realise you're not going to play the game and just give you a cup of coffee. Pretentious *******.
While I support the notion that all companies operating in the UK should pay their fair share of tax I cannot support the call to avoid Starbuck's shops.In the long term the only people who'll suffer is their employees who in the main are just normal people like the rest of us trying to earn a crust to support their families.There would be no winners not the least HMRC who a get some money by way of tax on employee's wages.
I don't like coffee and starbucks tea is vile (seriously, do they use the sweepings off the floor or something?). It's also ridiculously expensive for what you're getting. Something like £4 for a sandwich, which is ridiculous because I get can get the same amount of sandwich, if not more, on a plate with chips and salad for the same price at the place down the road.
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All these chains can ram it, especially when the founder of Costa has said that while he's impressed with his company's product, he prefers Nespresso, which comes out of a machine at home and is made by Nestle. Overpriced, pretentious shite
No coffee tastes better than Gold Blend after you've nicked a large tin of it out of the wardroom pantry, especially if you can replace it with pusser's dust.
None chain places tend to do a perfectly good cup of tea, often for less than a chain cafe. Assuming this is reflected in coffee as well, I honestly don't get the popularity of places like starbucks
Personally I don't give a stuff about whether Starbucks has paid Corporation Tax - if there was anything dodgy about the charge for intellectual property rights and other tax avoidance strategies their Auditors would have flagged it up as a business risk many moons ago and it would be a matter of public record that it was a possible "bridge too far". They DO, however, pay the following taxes;

Business rates

Plus they provide employment (direct and indirect) and, most importantly, when two or more people are gathered together over a cup of coffee in Costas or Neros or similar it offers an immediate conversation starter discussing how crap/expensive/whatever else the coffee is in Starbucks.

Strikes me as a Win-Win

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