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Star: "New Naval Warship Will Be Out Of Date "

There's nothing like a photo of a submarine-qualified Surgeon Rear-Admiral (i.e. a senior doctor) to make a point about procuring a new warship, is there? :)

As for the article, people often say that our kit will be obsolete by the time it enters service but so will that of any potential foe. It's a never-ending battle to get ahead of the game.


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SO a ship still being designed is out of date, even if the design isn't actually complete.

Impressive, most impressive.

Coming next week 'how to count to 3 with the Daily Star'...


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unless you are a military junta like North Korea, you can't keep churning out arms. Even North Korea's newest equipment arent up to date and they are churning out faster than most Western militaries. They whole idea of getting ships, tanks, planes out and up to date is a fantasy. Defence is not not just arms.
well the less advertisement of these paper's the better

Give it a rest. We can't bury our heads in the sand about what's printed in the popular press but we can draw attention to the innaccuracies to educate the ill-informed and help prevent such myths being perpetuated in future stories.
Tomcat24, it's only by them being ripped apart in fora such as these that their true value is made clear. Nowt said, nowt disagreed with. Credibility through silence.
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Lantern Swinger
Give it a rest. We can't bury our heads in the sand about what's printed in the popular press but we can draw attention to the innaccuracies to educate the ill-informed and help prevent such myths being perpetuated in future stories.

Duly noted. But how many others actually read this forum


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tomcat, rather harsh to criticise soleil I think. This is a naval forum and that story is about....oh yeah, the navy.


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well the less advertisement of these paper's the better

This peculiarly moronic post entirely misses the point that the adults on this site are interested in what the outside world is being told about the RN.

Thank goodness for the ignore facility.


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Shock, horror News Papers are out of date by they are printed.

Aaargh!! We're all going to die........Wibble.

FFS why
can't they get a grip.


The picturing of the recently retired Surgeon General (before he was made SG, so a very old pic) at this article really shows how much that paper actually cares about this story and the Forces in general. It's a ****ing disgrace.

For info, the Officer pictured is Surg VAdm Philip Rafaelli QHP RN(Rtd). I very much doubt he has anything to do with T26.


Lantern Swinger
This peculiarly moronic post entirely misses the point that the adults on this site are interested in what the outside world is being told about the RN.

Thank goodness for the ignore facility.

Same to you Moron. All you people like to do is call names. No wonder you couldn't succeed at all. total losers.


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Jeneral28/tomcat24. You really are very immature. People on here and ARRSE have cut you slack as they thought you were young and naive. Now I am not so sure, you really do not listen to the advice offered by people obviously in the know. And that is not just because they say so but can be seen in their postings.

I like the fact you are keen to engage in maritime discussions and sometime you sound like you want to learn and want to contribute. Other times I despair at your shortness of temper and refusal to acknowledge that others know better.

I would suggest you suck up some of these comments, pause before posting and think "Am I being a twat?" If there is any doubt you are and need to stop, re-think and carry on.


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The thing that baffles me is that most military articles across any paper always use random or incorrect images; must just open up a clip art full of stock images and say i want that oneeee- clearer labelling of files would be better lol. Although to be fair they put under the picture on this one 'senior officers (not pictured).

Being 'out of date' is nothing new really, they were citing the same issues moons ago. The fact thats in The Sun seen as though they have used direct quotes means its probably just shorter and written in a more accessible way. one of the papers seen as more reliable by some who would spread it out to pages and use unneccessarily complex vocabulary. I think its good that Naval news is spread across all publications, even the ones some deem themselves too clever to read.
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Ah I see what you did there.... naming The Sun when it was The Star's article.

What's that saying? Never let the truth get in the way of an arse newspaper article.

Just the thoughts of a blonde ex wren.


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Oh haha i was referring to tomcat and saw he mentioned the sun, my bad! I don't read papers much in this technological age, i'll read anything though if its there- aint bothered.
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