Star: "Fans Beg CBB Winner Jim Davidson To Pursue A Career In Politics"

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by soleil, Mar 25, 2014.

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    "Celebrity Big Brother champ Jim Davidson has revealed he wants to go into politics.


    The controversial comic, 60, told Twitter fans he aims to be a campaigner for the British armed forces.


    The comedian said he would pump funding back into the Royal Navy, which he said spending cuts had left a shadow of its former self.

    Jim said: “I think we have a great Navy that punches way above its weight. But we need more weight.”"

    Celebrity Big Brother winner Jim Davidson has his sights set on a career in politics | Showbiz | Showbiz & TV | Daily Star. Simply The Best 7 Days A Week
  2. I think we have enough clowns in parliament already. :clown:
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  3. If it means more money for us, then I'm happy.
  4. Yes indeed.

    He will make all the difference.

    I look forward to the next tranche of ships to be designed and delivered in bulk after this meaningful intervention to reverse current government policy.
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  5. Good old Jim! He's a public voice and if through his celebrity status he can show the public what a shameless shower of shit the government is were all things defence are concerned then he'd get my vote.
  6. He'll be the different one then, as all the others are comedians ;)
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  7. Agreed Wrecks, but he's a successful comedian, unlike most of the ones sat in parliament right now.
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  8. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Fans of Jim Davidson and the man himself need to know that it takes more than being 'in politics' to turn the Ship of State around. One has to be on the side with a one party majority and in the Cabinet, have compromising pictures of the Chancellor of The Exchequer and the Prime Minister. Just as important one needs; moral courage, integrity ( but not so it interferes with releasing the aforementioned photographs if necessary) charisma, intellect, experience, competence.................

    Telling jokes to service personnel doesn't make you the heir of Jackie Fisher.
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  9. Other requirements for a career as an MP include: Being able to lie like hell whilst appearing to be sincere, have the gall to fiddle your expenses and claim a clerical error if you're caught, have a mistress on the payroll and descibe her (or him) as your P.A, have the rent paid on a posh London flat and never live there and ultimately screw the tax paying British public for as much as you can whilst in office. And all the while grabbing backhanders left right and centre.Sounds like a great job, where do they keep the application forms?
  10. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Whilst I agree with your sentiment, we're never going to find out. I'd prefer to see Frankie Boyle giving his maiden speech.

    PM - Right Honourable [Insert any name] you have the correct voting record, no family scandal and haven't said anything outwith the party line. You're going to be the next Secretary of State for Defence.
    Right Honourable [Insert any name] - But, but, PM, I haven't got any military experience. This could be the death knell of my political career.
    PM - Nonsense. All you need is the buzz words. High operational tempo, lean & mean, procurement costs, future threats. You've bullshit yourself through every government job so far, this will be a breeze.
    Right Honourable [Insert any name] - Ok boss, who are we at war with next week?

    I wonder out of the last ten Secretary's of State for Defence. How many actually have any military experience? And since we are coming to the end of a century of conflict, how many PMs have any military experience, standfast Winston and Maggie.
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  11. He would be good for 3-4 years, but like most things he would get bored and drift finding another hobby or cause to fight for.
  12. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    I asked the question, so I better attempt to answer it. After a 30 second glance and notes on the back of a fag paper I came up with,

    Malcolm Rifkind - None
    Michael Portillo - None
    George Robertson - None
    Geoff Hoon - None
    John Reid - None
    Des Browne - None
    John Hutton - None
    Bob Ainsworth - None
    Liam Fox - Civilian Army Medical Officer
    Philip Hammond - None

    Feel free to update anything I've got wrong. I can't be arsed going through a 100 years of PMs, because I suspect it'll be much the same.
  13. I would suspect that the last PM (without checking) with military experience was Jim Callaghan who joined the RNVR as an ordinary seaman in WW2, being medically discharged in 1944 as a Lt.
  14. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Military experience need not be a requirement for the office of SoS Defence. Some colossal muppets can lay claim to military experience, some of them post on RR and ARRSE. I'd rather have a very clever career civilian who listens to advice from those qualified to give it, and acts on it, staying on the bucking bronco that is the resistance from those concerned with no further out than the next election. Someone with a strategic vision ( oooh buzz phrase ) that has the defence of the realm at its centre. The future is full of uncertainty, as has been demonstrated by the recent increase in strategic shocks ( buzzzz) that are Syria, Libya, Egypt, Ukraine. And I haven't started on the natural and technological strategic shocks that may bite us in the arrse like the security of our energy supply.
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  15. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Post #12


    I agree. But surely its a case of passing the buck than bucking bronco when few rarely stay in post longer than 2 years.

    I agree with you Seadog. We both know most wars/conflicts have natural resources, ethnicity or religion as there origin.

    I still reckon Frankie would make a great SoS Defence after two years on the backbench.
  16. Comic? That's stretching it.
  17. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    It could have been worst. Think Canon & Ball or Russ Abbot.
  18. I was going to say Chuckle Brothers but there's only Ed Millipede left now.
  19. I can see him being recruited by their Minister of Defence.....along with their Chancellor, Jimmy Carr.

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