Standby! Muck raking imminent.

Just recieved this via e-mail. The worst thing is it was from a specialist forces recruitment agency. Comments welcome!

Dear Lee

I got an email from a BBC Producer looking to do a couple of interviews with Ex Royal Navy Service personnel. Can you please email Paul Grant direct if you would like to take part? There is no need to come back to me.

Dear Graham
Here is the e-mail as promised. As I said we are making a programme for BBC radio current affairs looking at the current state of the navy. In particular, we are looking for evidence of incidents which highlight current concerns over the size of the fleet and equipment and maintance levels. For example, the defence select committee was apparently told that patrols in the Caribbean are not allowed to go at full speed to save fuel. We would be interested in other examples from former navy personnel where they feel they have been unable to do their job properly or maybe feel they have been unnecessarily endangered because of cutbacks.
Thank you for your help. I can be contacted on the numbers below
Paul Grant Producer

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