Standards of Science Knowledge

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by OSLO, Aug 14, 2007.

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  1. There have been many discussions over the failings in english and maths standards. Pity some journalists failed to do basic science, apparently.

    Have they never heard of potassium permanganate crystals? This is an old school wheeze.
  2. When I used to deal with Press enquiries as a charity Secretary I was often astonished by the scientific illiteracy of journos.... most had little or no idea of the very basics: the sort of stuff I knew at the age of 10! I can understand an inability to get one's head around the finer points of genetic heritability, Mendelian genetics and the fact that congenital genetic disorders usually occur spontaneously (though some are, confusingly for non-scientists, heritable), but not to know that electrical appliances draw the current and do not receive it from the power source; that climate change is not the same thing as the ozone layer; or that titanium is not an alloy of steel and aluminium (nil desperandum).... well, the mind boggles. And these people "inform" the public about science!!!

    I still use KMnO4 as an antiseptic now that iodine is getting harder to buy, honey is too messy and KMnO4 is somewhat safer than H2O2!!!
  3. Potassium permanganate certainly wasn't unknown when I was at school.

    What was unknown (by the joker who threw a load into a swiming pool) was that it caused the chlorine to come out of the pool water and form a gas cloud.

    That was a surprise.
  4. Not of the persuasion myself but some of my school pals, who were, used to put potassium permanganate in the holy water by the Catholic church entrance. It was quite dark and nobody could see that the water was coloured. One would see all these poor buggers with dark brown manganese dioxide crosses on their foreheads. Bloody irresponsible, it could have cured someone's skin fungus!
  5. The mark of Satan?

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