standard of recruits falling in armed forces?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by IB08, Jul 1, 2008.

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  1. One of my dads mates is a RM sergeant. Sound bloke and all of course, but a couple of weeks ago I was having a convo with him over a pint. He seemed to indicate that not only are some RM recruits being allowed to pass out who perhaps wouldnt have five or even ten years ago, but that he thought it was the same thing across all services. Is this the case in the RN as well as the RM (one of the old hands would obv be the best to answer this), and is it just amongst the non-com ranks, or are there sub standard officers who are getting through because of recruitment shortages? :rambo:
  2. Be consoled, at least we're not having to recruit felons to serve in our forces, unlike the still rebellious colony across the pond. ;) They recruited 511 in 2007, 1605 in 2006 and 824 in 2004. At this rate they'll have more ex-cons than people with a clean record. :lol:
  3. Oh yeah, I heard about that eek. The scary thing is I have a career in the Royal Navy as an officer ahead of me (god willing) and the thought of working alongside yanks who have drug/joyriding/god knows what other convictions is not very appealing. As long as the RN/HM armed forces doesnt start doing that, it should be ok methinks?
    Lets just hope the instructors are not allowing undesirables to pass out of Raleigh and/or BRNC, it will be shit for moral.
  4. Looking at this vereran I wouldn't be too sure! :lol:

  5. LMAO
  6. If our recruits have made it through they have certainly shown to have the same calibre in combat as the ones who went before them,

    and what is a non combatant, a Chef Killed in Action ,a Medic Killed saving lives, theres no such word as a non combatant in a war
  7. It`s all very well to mock the present day matelots, but, please try to remember that us old farts have nothing but experience to rely upon. Was it better in the olden days? you can bet your life that it was. Sailors in a shirt with Royal Navy on the shoulders? get a grip.
  8. Looking at the context, I think he meant non-commissioned as opposed to non-combatant.
  9. Fair enough. Lol I think some members of the public wouldnt realise they were sailors UNLESS they had royal navy emblazened on their shirts tbh.
  10. Surely its all just comes down to a reflection on life and social standards.

    I remember throughout my army days (89-99) the standard of new guys slipping. This in mind, I did a years training at 16 as a Junior Leader and to be honest some chaff always slipped through the net even then.

    Used to be more and more the case as time went on that the ethos seemed to be to get guys through training and let the units bring them up to speed.

    This was fine until the "PC" police restricted this.

    I was never one to back bullying, however you have to keep in mind that the new recruit you can no longer "sort out" for gobbing off, being in shit order or anything else are and will be tomorrows senior ranks.
  11. The Royal Navy has and always will run on a backbone of undesirables shipmate. That'll never change, remember that when they haul you out of the sh1t time and time again during your commission.
  12. If you talk to anyone in the services they will always say 'it isn't like it was in my day', something I am guilty of as well. However, having worked in phase 2 and 3 training I think you probably have the same standards of recruit as we always have done, if we are honest I am sure we all know some chaf that has made it through the net when we joined up. The other point is that we must recognise that the society from which we recruit has changed - we can either change with it and recognise that things have moved on or wither and die on the branch. As always there will always be f*ck knuckles who bring down trainees as a whole.

    And MLP, I suspect that your back has been covered several times in your career (or will be) by an Officer - it isn't always the Officers being 'saved' by the omni present and god like senior rates.
  13. Not the point I was making, I was trying to let this soon to be Officer know that therer are plenty of little fcukers in the Navy who are always in the sh1t, always leathered, scruffy and from somewhere in the Uk some would like to see bulldozed. However, it's normally these lads and lasses that are first to shine when the proverbial hits the Le Creuset.

    But yes, Senior rates are Gods, no doubt about that.
  14. I will get back into my box :thumright:

    Your statement is very true - an dof course if it wasn't for people like this we couldn't black cat each other with who has the worst division!
  15. I know Im going to be an officer and all, but Im not a prat. I do accept that senior rates know wtf they are talking about, I wasnt demeaning them in any way. I dont doubt that senior rates will no doubt pull me out of sh*t sometimes, but I dont intend to be the sterotypical "tim nice but dim" naval officer. Im a girl anyways so I wouldnt be a tim LOL.
  16. Pull up a bollard!
  17. IB08, a very interesting post, please tell me that you are going in as a Loggie, wouldn`t want to see you walk off a ship because you were a warfare Officer, after £60,000 was spent on you.

    Silly me, you are not in yet are you?
  18. Nope I am not hig. Im going for warfare, tbh it sounded more interesting than counting blankets as a loggie. Plus the fact that Id quite like sea drafts throughout my career. My ACLO seemed to be very pro me going for warfare as well, despite the fact that he is an AEO (former rating as well) by trade. Why would I walk off a ship LOL?
  19. The AB's will pull you out of the sh1t , the SR's will wait for it to stop being funny and then help! :p

    Edited because I'm not calling a civvy ma'am.
  20. Are you seriously trying to say that all the officers in the navy are incompetent? Or is it the case of when someting goes right the SNCOs/SRs get the credit, and when something goes wrong it is the officers fault?

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