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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by nellysflipflop, Jan 19, 2013.

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  1. So with reading numerous posts the standard waiting time is at least 18 months if not longer, this is obvs down to less recruits being needed. Does this translate in to the RN taking on the top applicants or is it done on a first through the door system? When I joined 6 years ago they couldnt get you through the application process quick enough, 4 months in my case, but the standard of some of those recruited would come under the questionable bracket. In any other job a high demand usually allows the employer to pick the very best applicants, is this the case for the RN?
  2. I can speak with some authority on this matter, the Senior Service always selects the pick of the bunch, I am the living proof.
  3. Hello wits, good to see that you have not lost that sense of humour, now that you have to work for a living.
  4. As with any organisation which has positions to fill, the RN will take sufficient numbers to fill these vacant positions. While having a minimum standard which must be achieved sometimes there will be a great many more applicants than required. In this case the RN does what ANY employer should do...........................takes the best man/woman for the job.
  5. Hooo Hooo, this is an interesting one!!!

    Let's say the RN skims the cream. Loads of 'go getters', all vying for promotion. The one's who get promoted love the life. The unsuccessful candidates get a chip and either leave or rebel. Not such a happy crew.

    What to do.

    Obvious choice is to take a cross section of dumb fucks and some not so dumb fucks. The dumb fucks are happy to plod and the not so dumb fucks get promoted and hey - jolly jack lives on!!!

  6. No they don't

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  7. OOOOOPs

    Then perhaps they should:lol:

  8. Are you implying that the recruiters are not up to the job?
  9. OMM

    OMM War Hero

    Don't know if you've watched the mini-series on the 10 weeks basic at Raleigh but I was shocked to see that some recruits that were quite blatently unfit for service and cracking up in tears were still pushed through to pass out. If they were ever involved in an emergency situation they would be useless and lifes could well be at risk.

    Edit: It just occured to me reading this back that i'm a miserable **** for 20....
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  10. Dinnae fesh yasel angel,

    You'll go far - Finks was just like you at that age, too.
  11. OMM

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    Never even heard of Finks....

    Damn it!
  12. Reality Check - You weren't selected for the bunhouse on good looks and flannel alone, Nellingtons:

    Pusser is relying upon the likes of you to weld the likes of them into something of at least a SAT team standard.

    So cut along now: To your task with a stout heart & cheery smile and make it so!
  13. Ah, the blessing of youth and innocence still lingers upon you.
  14. OMM

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    So I should avoid this individual to remain youthful....
  15. OMM

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  16. Ninja_Stoker

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    Officer applicants are selected through merit-based selection. This means someone scoring better at AIB than someone else can be selected ahead or even instead of those who may have already passed selection. Basically we seek to recruit the best potential leaders and managers available. An exclusive selection process where we may sometimes have more suitable applicants than we require.

    Rating applicants are selected and allocated entry dates on a "first past the post" basis, based on the "waiting list" in relation to their chosen branch and the dates they started and finished their application to join. Basically we seek to recruit those who meet the standard for entry set by the individual branch managers. An inclusive selection process where we may not always have sufficient numbers of suitable applicants.

    In actual fact the standards for entry for many branches are more exacting that at any time in the last decade or more. Recruiting Test scores are higher for many branches, medical standards arguably more rigorously applied and pre joining fitness standards more stringent.

    If the Navy was full of just "high-flyers" we would have more Admirals than ships and more chiefs than indians. No, wait. Hang-on a minute....
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  17. Don't put yourself down, you seem ok.
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  18. Cheers, I am often told how special I am.

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