Standard issue boots and skin grafts

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Zoidberg, Jun 5, 2009.

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  1. Just got back from seeing the medical examiner for the 2nd time. The SMO wanted him to look at my skin graft again, who am I to argue?

    Apparently the issue is that they're worried the boots will rub the skin graft and cause it to break down.

    Can anyone tell me what the standard issue boots at Raleigh are please, so I can look for a cheap pair to try out before the end of next week (when I'll be getting my decision)?

    And has anyone here ever had an issue on the inside of the ankle with the boots?

  2. I'm not sure what the new issue boots are like now mate but i believe they are uber better than should i say "in my day"!! However i cannot see an issue here as why dont they just issue you with a pair that is best suited to you!!! Its not as though your going to be out in the field for weeks on end where they can use the old "You will only be given issued boots if your non-issue pair breaks down" chestnut!!

    Hope it sorts itself!!
  3. Yeah, I can't see an issue either to be honest. The shoes I wear for work are solid leather, and the irritation on the graft is exactly the same on the other foot- something I'm hoping the doctor doesn't forget to mention.

    I'm just going to get a cheap pair of assualt boots, wear them for a few days and then report back to the doc :thumright:
  4. Try the fabric Hi-tec magnums as i used to wear them to work and they are quite soft
  5. I just got a call from the doc.

    I have to get some cheap boots and do intense walking in them for 2 months and keep a diary. Bollocks!

    Anyone know whether the RFA have different rules? ¬_¬
  6. Standard issue skin grafts? :lol:
  7. As a general guide i would say buy a full size bigger mate as your feet swell when they get hot and there is also the thickness of the pussers socks to take into account. Also....if they are the boots your likely to wear then go for it as on the grand scheme of things £50 isnt a great deal of money to spend when you take into account my danners were £120 when i was wearing them 10 years ago.

    Hope that helps if not PM me.

  8. Actually, with the pace of operations in Afghanistan at the mo, it is very likely you will be wearing issue boots for a prolonged period of time. It's not just the Army out there - logs guys, stokers (who act as engineers and drivers) and even the odd dabber were in Bastion not that long ago! Medical branch (all ranks and rates) go there routinely.
  9. I've got a pair of size 9, RN issue combats, almost new, worn twice for divisions. You could buy them off me, if you want.
  10. Yeah i'm aware of that Doc but my point was that young Tim is more likely to be in a better position for resupply than front line troops who generally wear their own issue foorwear anyway!!
  11. can io still volunteer to go to war at 49 being an ex bad medic but im still fit
  12. Got the boots on Monday and I've done a fair few miles in them. Two 7 mile walks, a grand total of 24 hours at work and just lounging around the house.

    It's resulted in my ankles stiffening right up and a few huge blisters.

    Any tips for softening the leather?
  13. I used neatsfoot oil on my climbing boots years ago. We just had to suffer with our army drill boots at school. I think the mentality then was that pain and blisters were good for you! As a result I ended up doing part of my Bronze D of E exped in well blancoed, white canvas, plimsoles. :sad2:

    I use mink oil for my camera bellows, to keep them supple. I do feel guilty that all those minx have to be pressed in a mink press (similar to a cider press) to extract all the goodness from their soft furry bodies. I'm racked with guilt too o_O
  14. You are right, the boots, worn very little after basic training were very bad back in the 'old' days, solid inflexible leather.
    They buggered my left in ankle in training (they were NEVER worn again after Mercury - you don't/didn't need to, not as an RO anyway).
    How much sympathy did I get - :roll:
    I hope there have been distinct improvements.
  15. You shouldn't have worn them so much on the first day mate lol nutcase!

    Anyway, put them in hot water for a few hours and then wear them the rest of the day (dont go walking about) and keep wearing them as much as possible until they dry. No im not joking.

    Oh and once you do this wear them stedily, build up the time you go walking in them for the first week or so.
  16. Yeah, I know that now :thumright:

    I read about the soaking thing last night, so I did that and wore them all day today. It seems to have softened them up a fair bit and I've taped up the top and the inside at the heel as a bit of protection from blisters.
  17. Cover in "G Wax" and mirowave em 10 sec at a time untill they are warm and the wax starts to melt, about 30-40 seconds. put em on do em up and walk. Dont leave em in the microwave oven too long or theyll cook and be buggered. Worked well with my walking boots.
  18. I've never had a problem with the new high sided combats, never needed to break them in whereas the old ones ripped your feet to shreds. And in case your wondereing why a submariner was wearing them.....walking the dog over the moors
  19. Bloody Hell Zoidberg, you've had chest pains and you've got a skin graft. What the hell have you been doing with yourself?

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