stand up comic claims on Radio 4 she cheated at University

perhaps it was a joke - I'm sure a lot of people weren't laughing to hear Shazia Murza state a few minutes ago that she (and everyone else) stole essays when she was at University. Whether or not she did or not doesn't matter firstly I don't believe its true and second I hope the students boo her off the stage wherever she is performing today :threaten:
Re: stand up comic claims on Radio 4 she cheated at Universi

I believe her GR, selling essays has been a lucrative business for many many years
Re: stand up comic claims on Radio 4 she cheated at Universi

True GR, but it seems it is getting more common, especially aas they can get them off the internet.
Maybe Big bad dog should offer his services, if the student doesn't get a pass grade at least the examiner will find the essays interesting and amusing.
Re: stand up comic claims on Radio 4 she cheated at Universi

I recall a news story a couple of years ago from Pakistan. The authorities wanted to crack down on the cheating taking place in the exams (medical ones IIRC). Obviously that upset the exam takers who rioted and so the authorities backed down.

Hmm, I wonder where they end up working with their useless exam chits?


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There is software out there which Universities are starting to catch on to. It searches the net attempting to match phrases used in essays and other articles in an attempt to prevent plagiarism. I was quite surprised when completing my Cert.Ed just how poor peoples understanding of plagiarism is. Some genuinely thought it was OK to extract whole paragraphs of other peoples work and justify it by adding their name to the references or bibliography section without identifying the quoted passage in the text. Naivety or cheating?
Re: stand up comic claims on Radio 4 she cheated at Universi

I agree with both Mikh and Chieftiff and would like to add the following observation.

The plagiarism problem (and there is one) will not be solved any time soon because of a socio-political (and party political) concern about the relationship between gender and attainment. For those who don't know, perhaps the main reason why course work (essays, written projects, etc) became the preferred assessment option is because of a political decision to make it easier for girls and women to attain the higher grades - A grades at A Level, 1st and Upper 2:1 at degree level. It was argued, forcefully and successfully, that exams institutionally discriminated against women and girls in favour of boys. Today, many people are looking at the performance of boys and men and are arguing for a return for more, not less, exam assessment.

Further complications have begun to arise as business organisations such as the CBI call for an increase in exam assessment on the grounds that modern, hi tech, competitive work environments demand individuals who can think fast, take risks and think creatively under pressure, exactly the kind of individuals, it is assumed, who will do well in exams. For equal rights campaigners and feminists this would be a retrograde step since women will be denied access to the nations higher paid and higher status jobs. So, rightly or wrongly the plagiarism issue will never be fully resolved until we can have a grown up discussion about what we are assessing for and what we as a nation want assessment to do.


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1. T'aint new but the internet makes it easier. Subs at Greenwich used to have to write a 'thesis'. In 1958 an Australian wrote such a brilliant one that the Dean & co couldn't decide whether it was an alpha or alpha plus - so sent it 'upstairs' for adjudication. One of the adjudicators unfortunately recognised large slabs of his own work and when the thesis came down from heaven it was an epsilon.

2. I can't understand why employers don't take interview candidates, sit them down, under supervision, with A4 and biros and tell them to write the MD a letter explaining why he ought to employ them. Several could then be shown the door in short order so as not to waste management time. Ditto applicants for Uni places.
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