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Food crisis looms in African Horn

International aid agencies are warning of a growing humanitarian crisis caused by the drought in the Horn of Africa.
The UN estimates that over 17m people in Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya, Eritrea, Tanzania and Burundi will require food assistance for the next six months.

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has begun emergency relief to 500,000 people in southern Somalia.

It says the drought is making an already appalling humanitarian situation much worse there.

Somalia has had no functioning government for 15 years - it is riven by civil conflict and has, the International Red Cross estimates, the highest number of weapons-wounded casualties in the whole of Africa.


Sorry, can't fit it in this week. I've got a window in May 2022. Lets just check with Mr Bush that he hasn't got anything else for us first.


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function said:
Mmmmmm can't help thinking what has happened to all that money this country has thrown at Africa over the years.

Gotta agree.

WE give them cash and the rulers spend it! - on what?
Bloody big cars. Bet some ruler of Africa has a veron (dont know if thats spelt right) while his people fight for their lives against starvation

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