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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Achmed, Jul 22, 2009.

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  1. Well it looks like the fairytale of free speech has ended in the ARRSE NAAFI bar...the realms of PC culture has raised its ugly head...and the new rules are well lets just say gagging at the least.

    So the Naafi bar now looks like an afternoon tea dance 8)

    I hope the tide of Banned and tagged Ex arrsers are made to feel welcome on RR

    as there will be plenty
  2. Temple or Mosque?

    Whatever happens, do not lose your sponors. You never know when you might need one.

  3. AFAIC the Politcally Correct brigade can go fuck themselves and if they don't like it, then they can fuck off to the Stan or Basra and get a feel for the real world of the services in todays climate.

    Bunch of mongs the lot of them.
  4. Don't sit on the fence Brigs!
  5. Seconded, with a big sack of fcuk off wankers from me. If any Arrsers want to come and join the RR outrage wagon then wheel 'em in.

    As long as they bring hot chicks with them.
  6. NZB,

    Whilst I can see your point and agree with it to a certain degree, surely if you are upset by something why would you bother either revisting the place, or even reading it in the first instance. I mean, there are even warnings on sections such as Diamond Lils as well, so they cannot say they stumble across it.

    Its a bit like those 'do gooders' who watch an entire film, play or the like on television and then complain about how lude, rude or scandelous it was. Why watch it then?

    Sorry mate, but AFAIC this is OUR site for us or like minded people to visit and share the graveyard humour that we all have and if the PC brigade don't like it, then bugger off and look at 'Gardners Forum' or 'How to knit a jumper' and leave us who enjoy it alone.

    FROTHY - I have never sat on the fence mate, ever.
  7. I do see your point and understand the possible repurcussions of something that may be deemed a little too risque.

    After all, discretion is my middle name.
  8. I thought it was _la_
  9. Sorry ARRSE'rs, you've crashed the wrong party.

    RR recently had a post with a link to an ARRSE post whinging about a load of non-PC terms you lot were using in jest.

    RR has it's own fun police which is full of whinging benders that balk at anything that isn't a Lenny Henry joke.
  10. NZB. Youv'e turned into a raging spotter.

    Youv'e changed...
  11. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    From outrage bus driver to lackey in one move :roll:
  12. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Can I have my hook and bait back Mister :wink:
  13. You're getting me aroused, I love it when you're angry.
  14. Perhaps a bone suggestion but can’t Gash Barge and Diamond Lil’s have a disclaimer page before entry that agrees one;

    a. won’t take offence in a Forum that has given warning about its content

    b. is over the age of 18

    d. accepts that the opinions and views expressed by the Poster are personal and in no way reflect those of the Site Owner.

    OK, para d might get ripped by some smart a**e Philadelphia law basher (C Booth, P Shiner?) but does provide an air gap.
  15. It's a nice idea in theory, however in practice the Good & Bad COs would be liable for the content of their site under UK law, with or without disclaimers, and regardless of whether or not the site was registered with a UK or foreign ISP. As Biritsh citizens they are subject to British law. Now if they were nationals of the USA & their site was run from a US ISP things might be different, but then again many US ISPs block content that gets complaints from the powerful and well funded religious right, who regularly get content removed that offends them. If RR fell foul of them you can bet they would launch a sustained campaign to have the site closed down.

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