Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Backpacker1uk, Mar 9, 2007.

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  1. I know for a fact many of the warriors on here are closet stamp collectors.

    At the Investure Caernarvon 1969 most of us bought the first day issue being told in years to come we would be rich and be able to buy that coastal cottage. Stamped with BFPS etc anybody any idea what it is worth?? Copy below, mine is a bit more battered than one shown.

  2. I to have some first day issues from BFPO 4 (Singapore) and would like to get them valued.
    Anyone got any links

  3. sorry to let you down gently but its worth about £3 maybe £4. based on stanley gibbons prices - definitely not what you would get for it on ebay
  4. NNNNOOooooo, you'll be getting us to all go train spotting next. :roll:
  5. YES PLEASE Booty,
    I LOVE the National Railway Museum.

  6. you do know that you can get stamps with trains on them
  7. Awwwwwwwwwwww fuck here we go again!!!!!!!
  8. got any swaps andym
  9. What,Trains or Stamps?LOL
  10. well i didnt mean wives
  11. Bugger!
  12. you aint seem mine - my beloved has got a cold but it doesnt stop her snuffling chocolate whilst watching airline
  13. Lock her in a cupboard then.LOL

  14. Being a Stamp collector--- :roll: :roll: The Stanley Gibbons 2007 catalogue
    says its worth £1.50

    Ebay price would possibly be .99p start -but I don't think anyone would buy it cos the postage price would bump it up another .99 p

    Best thing to do with that FDC [first day cover ] would be to hide it away for another 30 years!!
  15. It would be worth more with a picture of a train on it!

  16. PSSssstt wanna come and see me stamp album fner fner.
  17. Makes my hobby of seeing how many pound coins I can get down my foreskin seem pretty boring now..
  18. glad i threw all my pennie blacks away now..... i knew they were worthless
  19. Talking of trains…………

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