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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Stirling, Jan 30, 2013.

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  1. 2DD's account of his mate Wiggy's wedding got me thinking of stag do's, imagine it is 1880 and you need somewhere lively for said bash, York.....disregard Fossgate and Lawrence Street, Walmgate was the place to be, apart from the pubs every other 'House' was an off beer licence.

    P1010400 (1).jpg
  2. 2 Lord Nelsons on one street (pretty much)! They have got their priorities right!
  3. No 98 rings a bell.
  4. Bloody hell!
  5. Paradise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Only 2 left now in Walmgate, Five Lions which is King of York Gypsies haunt and The Spread Eagle.

    Lord Nelson was last to shut cos of structual problems, walking past you can see the front wall sloping into the street.
  7. So you used to turn left when leaving Sultan then Stirling!
  8. Aye. .............................
  9. Spread Eagle is still going in Gosport, used to be a good trapping ground for the wives of those on deployment. Cocked Hat used to be like a Sultan annexe at times though.
  10. wal

    wal Badgeman

    In the 70s, when there was a bomb scare in Sultan everyone on evacuating to the playing fields would make sure you had some beer token on one because a lot of us would retreat to the cocked Hat until completion of bomb scare.
    I think that the landlord new sumat about that!!!
  11. Was the hangar on Tech side still going in your time, Sultan Club...snigger, disco ere and disco there, what a fucking hole, full of Rowner munters.....and thier mothers/daughters.
  12. If you mean Watt Hangar, yes it was. Did my clanky trade test in there. When they combined the CPO's and PO's messes and had joint bops it got quite interesting as the munters just saw it as fresh meat, we saw it as recycled hag. I first went to Sultan in '77 to do JR's Nuc course, when I got sideswiped into the ME branch it was Sultan all the time but Sultan was better than Collingrad.
  13. Twat, tea all over key board.

    Edited to add, only went once to Collingrad and that was to watch an RU. match.
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  14. Have about 10 A4 sheets on the history of York boozers circa 1870-80, here he gives a look at .....No 98 Walmgate, The Spread Eagle, worst of the lot. Wonder what he would have made of it's hey day 1988/95.

    P1010413 (1).jpg
  15. .........................................
  16. Lendal Cellars always used to be a good place to converse with the local nurses about flower arranging and such but the 19th century was obviously a bit previous for that fine establishment.

    I used to enjoy swimming into the Kings Arms before making our way up toward Micklegate and the really crap nightclubs up near the Punchbowl.

    I was at Linton-on-Ouse from late 85 until the end of 86 and loved every moment in York......ah, nurses and trainee teachers from Thirsk :love4:
  17. Micklegate Run was/is the stuff of legend, we did a mini tour Thurs day and the Full Monty on Friday nights, I am well impressed Sir that you cracked that one. Loads of stag/hen do's now on the w/end so even better, have not done it for 12 years and probably will not again being a PSOF.

    Edited to add, Punch Bowl is now a J.D.Weatherspoon and the beer has improved 3 fold, Kings Arms in summer is standing room only......if you can get to the bar.
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  18. About 2 miles up the road from The Spread is the Black Bull, former stomping ground 79/82. Will be there today at 1300 with my elder brother John and wife. John is ex- Coldstream and was de-mobbed from NI in early 70's, ran one of of the Toughest pubs in Manchester, The Church on Stockport Rd, brother Les..ex RCT still frequents the place. If you are in the area of Hull Rd you are more than welcome to join us.
  19. Memorable day, so far.

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