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Staff Bungles


More than £400 million was wasted by the Ministry of Defence last year due to a damning catalogue of thefts, losses and incompetence.Defence Minister Don Touhig has admitted in a Parliamentary Answer that nearly 9,000 items of military equipment were lost, stolen or destroyed last year.
The total sum written off, which includes failed building projects and the purchase of useless equipment was £402million.
Some of the catalogue of disaster:-
£51million for Bowman Radio System.
£584,000 on new offices at RNAS Yeoviton thjat blocked the runway from the Control Tower.
£1.7million for defective GPS Chips.
£153,000 for Destroyed Lynx |Helicopter Rotors before they realised they were needed.
£500,00 for Two Warriors that collided.
£!.9million for a fire on a SP Gun.
£567,000 because of an accounting error on a deal to build Jaguar Aircraft.
£143,000 for food stocks abandoned by Booties in Norway when they went to Iraq.
Two Fires in Iraq wiped out £447,000 worth of equipment.
A MOD spokesman said " Our accounts are scrutinised by the National Audit office to ensure money is not being wasted, Write offs do not automattically indicate failurtes in control or a waste of money.
For jesus sake they are given a £30billion Defence Budget and are supposed to maintain the Nations defences.
I would not put the burgers in charge of a water pistol shooting gallery.
I think that some of those write-offs come under the "sh!t happens" catergory and can't be blamed, but when you look at some of the other procurement contracts you do have to ask yourself WTF is going on here.

Eurofighter - what a scam that has been for the British tax-payer and all predicated on the idea that modern combat aircraft are too expensive and too sophisticated to be created by any one country. Absolute rubbish, even the French manage it.

Type 45. I'm sure it will be great but how long has the RN had to wait for it, and is it really the what the RN needs?

And we are still waiting for the carriers ...
"£584,000 on new offices at RNAS Yeoviton thjat blocked the runway from the Control Tower."

Aren't they're building a brand spanking new Control Tower at Yeovilton alongside the new facilities for the QRA aircraft being located there?
These examples fall into number of categories, including attrition, incompetence and pure bad luck. This is probably the tip of the iceberg because, for example, knowingly wasting money is not an offence so would not be reported or be visible to the NAO. Some of these losses may be for the good. I don’t know what Bowman kit is referred to, but a cursory glance at the open source specifications of kit we have had for years shows it is at least one generation beyond some of the Bowman kit yet to be delivered. Some have even had an upgrade to that.
And how much has been wasted in the construction of purpose built accommodation for CTG at MWS and it is now moving to BRNC
The problem is that many procurement decisions are made on assumptions as to the future nature, budget and employment of the Armed Forces

As the government changes its mind on this at 5 yearly intervals [sometimes more often] it is hardly surprising there are errors

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