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When wearing a Royal Navy stable belt with combats, should the buckle be at the front or on the left hip?
Is this a wah? I know I have worn one myself but wait for it, there isn't an RN stable belt. We had a trial and it was abandoned. So, to get a 'RN' stable belt you end up having to get an Army one from Ebay (can't recall the Regt) and they only have the side buckles.

They looked ok with CS95, agitated certain people (effect achieved, tick!) but were increasingly frowned up. With MTP they'd look gash and will attract incoming.


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I was issued one from slops just over a year ago.
No way, safeguard (clips) - I was fragged senseless at PJHQ for wearing mine. So much so I just kept on wearing it to wind up a certain person.

I'm not doubting you but I do know the 'experiment' was cancelled as I worked in VB when it was being conducted and it was concluded as a waste of money (the concept being a 3* was miffed that everytime RN in CS95 were on telly we were described as soldiers, hence a way to identify matelots...).

Wonder if they've just found an old batch or someone else has had another bright idea?

Why aren't we out on the 'lash?


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We're about to be issued proper 'blue' CS95 in lieu of 4's - primarily for the Gulf, as the can be made in a lighter weight. A Stable Belt comes with them.
I heard someone say that in ABW last week and someone immediately said it was a gash buzz. I'm there next week might have to ask the organ grinder..mildly curious
Depends which buckle you are talking about, the leather one should be at the left hip with the shiny metal 'ring' in the centre at the front.
We're about to be issued proper 'blue' CS95 in lieu of 4's - primarily for the Gulf, as the can be made in a lighter weight. A Stable Belt comes with them.
no were not

I recieved a pack of stable belts for the gunners onboard not 3 months ago, for the upper deck crews to wear with their mtp.
mtp in cs95...

Not to mention pointless as MTP is worn untucked.
it is in cs95 but not in pcs

It's different stuff mate, not that weird purple thing that they rolled out before. This new stuff is cut like MTP/CS95 but will come in 2 weights (IIRC) and is designed to be a 'clothing system' with base layers etc.
only its not cut like cs95, not quite.

Ok, like most pongo units do then.
No. there are two different tipes of belt buckle and the one you have says how yoiu wear it

If you really want a picture NM, there is a dit on it in one of the Logs branch glossy magazines which you really should have seen by now. First units to trial thois will be issued the stuff next week.
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None of that makes any sense you illiterate ****.

Try hoovering the remnants of your liquidised food out of your keyboard and sharpen your head dobber, it might help.
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