St.Vincent in 1968

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by CRUSHER999, Nov 4, 2012.

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  1. I joined St.Vincent and its hallowed building in August 68 Duncan 336 to be exact with PO Buckland in charge of the class. We existed in Anson block and despite what a lot of you winging nutters say it was not that bad.
    Yes there were times when quite a few of the so called jack the lads wanted to run home to mummy. All I can say is that although the training was hard it did me no harm and I went on to bigger and better things in life.
    St.Vincent took mamby pamby babies and turned them into men. And I am very proud to say that our class was the last seamanship class to graduate from that hallowed establishment I only wish that my time with the pusser was not cut short by an accident in Plymouth dockyard in 1972 .
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  2. Never went to St Vincent but knew a few who did.
    Gave them a fantastic education, they certainly could work out the odds on the GeeGees:laughing1:
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  3. Sad to say that St Vincent didn't turn mamby pamby babies into men, Ganges did that, St Vincent trained personnel only really became men when exposed to Ganges trained ratings in their part two training.
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  4. pmsl and lmfao:w00t:
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  5. I was there back end of 66, the instructor was a younger capn birdseye lookalike, cant remember his name but there was one PO there called Death only he insisted it was De'ath, enjoyed my time there, as a gobby inner city smart arse, being shouted at wasnt anything new but the discipline was.
  6. I hate winging nutters. They just go around winging all day. Bloody wingers.
  7. PO D'EATH was actually his name and he wast the GI in charge of ceremonial guard drill
  8. Presumably from some French connection way back, I'd have gone for Death just to impress/put the shits up the recruits

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