St Nazaire

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by stirling2, Mar 24, 2007.

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  1. Clarkson...2025 Beeb 2 tonight.

    The Top Gear presenter explores the story of the commando raid on the
    dry dock of St Nazaire in World War Two, a seemingly impossible mission
  2. Watched it last week , excellant , well worth watching ,
  3. Wasn't the film The Gift Horse starring Trevor Howard based on the St Nazaire raid? I can remember the ship ramming the dock and then, after a delay, blowing up. I'll have to watch it tonight though. Thanks
  4. It defo was, my favorite war film too, it's a hell of a story.
  5. Missed it last week but caught it tonight - good documentary. Epic moment when the Campbeltown hoisted the Ensign and steamed into battle.
  6. Do not particulaly like Clarkson but I enjoyed this...German souvenir hunters blown onto the roof of the U Boat pens when she finally blew...some of the survivors accounts they were so laid back...just another day at the sharp end for them.
  7. They should make this into a proper modern WW2 movie, what's the point of watching some bs ww2 film that's not even real when there's so many events that actually happened that are far more interesting to consider? I believe this also applies to movies such as Master & Commander, Nelsons own lifestory was far more amazing than anything Patrick O'Brien could write.
  8. I would love to see a new film of St Nazaire but the Gift Horse was an absolute classic!
  9. Was a very good documentary and an enjoyable piece of viewing. The old commandos comments were very funny at times, especially the one who said "The sniper shot me and broke my arm and I was then told; for you ze war ist over. I thought about trying to escape, but thought it best to wait until later."

    I thought there were times when Clarkson became quite emotional as he described their mission and he was very proud of what they did.

    True heros, the lot of them.
  10. I stand to be corrected but I think Clarksons Father in Law won a VC at St Nazaire.

  11. As I said I do not particulaly like Clarkson but the credits mentioned that he had researched and wrote the whole thing himself so good on him.
  12. Clarksons Father-in-Law got the VC at Arnhem.
  13. Bang on PTP just looked it up. Thanks for the correction.

  14. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Clarkson mentioned the VC at the start of the programme
  15. I enjoyed the documentary, unbelieveable the courage the men had, extraordinary the way they can live with the memories and even laugh about it.
  16. There's an obscure 1950s (I think) film - "Attack on the Iron Coast" - based on the St Nazaire raid. Agree, however, that this would be well worth a remake.

    It's worth noting, for Pongo detractors, that this raid was conducted by 200 men from 2 Cdo, plus parties drawn from Nos 1, 3, 4, 5, 9 & 12 Cdos - all Army.
  17. Pity that no-one from our illustrious Army saw the film before they disbanded them all rikky tik, abandoned the Commando role and opted for oodles of cake and arse...........or have we mentioned that before?

    The next serious combat that the Army saw was Korea. I had an uncle in the Glosters at Imjin and he used to speak a lot of sense for a pongo. So I took his advice .........and joined the Royal Marines :grin:

  18. Soz premature posting :oops:
  19. Yep Perce (or MOD) disbanded SAS (Until they realised they might be useful in Malaya) as well and got rid of army sniping, should of just disbanded or merged a few of the County Regiments from the get go and kept the useful bods. :mrgreen:
    Standing by for huffing and puffing. :twisted:
  20. Served on the current Campbeltown and was privileged to meet some of those involved in St Nazaire. The stories they told and their own personal experiences were truly inspirational.

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