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St. Athan

Hideous said:
Oh! dear, tut tut what a shame!

And I though we were getting along SO well.

Never mind perhaps you'e mummy will buy you an ice cream!
Welsh and boring, what a combination :grin:

Boring is right - I think everyone else would prefer if you'd would join me in a private email session -?

How about Welsh cakes at 12 paces?

Or would yoy prefer - a softer option?
Hideous said:
What's the matter, Taff, feeling a little sheepish? :grin:

Come on boyo!!!

Let the rest of the world and this web site in particular get back to the subject.

What does the move to St Athan mean to the Service of which I am STILL proud to have been a part!

Oh and by the way, if you'd followed the thread fully you would have read that I'm English!
Why, oh why are we moving to St Athens? The answer is simple, to appease them for losing the Tornado contract. I was in the RAF when they lost it and as you can imagine they were not too happy and this is a sweetner for them.

But why should we go there? Answer, we shouldn't!! There is a perfectly good training base at RAF Cosford with excellent motorway and rail links, vast amounts of accommodation, superb hangers and plenty of aircraft to work on , all you would have to do is put a few helicopters in it and you've got a excellent training camp.

Why did nobody in the government consider this option??
Hideous said:
Go on, Taff, have the last word, you know that's what you really want, more than anything. :lol:

O.K. Then, but only if you promise you won't tell your mummy I shouted at you!

Anyway I'm now off to Heathrow - and on to sunnier climes. I look forward to NOT seeing a reply on my return to the UK.
Has he fcuked off on holiday? If so, we can get on with discussing St. Athan.

The place is being supported after lobbying by the Welsh Office to appease the local chavs otherwise the present government might loose more marginals.

The facts however are more unpleasant, St. Athan has always been a problem for the MoD, low production but high costs, poor quality from an under skilled workforce. The RAF could not wait to sever links with DARA and get out of this money pit, neither of the other two services wanted their aircraft at St.Athan.

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