St. Athan

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by mechanicnog, Jan 17, 2007.

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  1. Worthy Down and Arbroath to Lee-on-Solent then to Collingwood and Sultan

    Now it looks as if all training is on it's way to South Wales!!

  2. Good for our area - wonder if the Council will improve the road links now? Bet it won't be 'in keeping' with the area;)

    Well done St Athan :)
  3. [email protected], going to cost over a £5 to cross the bridge everytime you go on leave. Bet mileage allowance won't be increased to cover it.
  4. Look the f*cking decision is a political one all the areas for closure rundown are Tory, St Athan is Labour plus loads of Welsh Development Agency dosh from the UK parliament, Look the civvies their were crap at repairing fast jets so they lost the contract and wrote off a number of tornado's, thus the training will be crap I call upon the Tories to reverse this decision and f*ck the moaning labour supporting taffies off. The labour party is trying to break service ethos, because we are totally pissed off with their crap and even our seniors are standing up.
  5. OOPS!!!

    Sorry shipmate! Lost a wheel in the chasm have we?
  6. Verily, the lunatics are running the asylum,
  7. I still can't get off the idea that it is a good idea to have a lot of ships in a port. You surround it with bases for training etc. You provide family quarters etc. This means that when on a career course or instructing your family can stay in one place and you can see them.

    Then to help Labour's problems you flog them all to to make developers rich and move the training to Wales so either causing more family disruption or allow your people to see their families even less often. But don't worry, isn't the RN an Investors in People long as they vote Labour.
  8. On a recent visit to Culdrose, there was a general opinion from AE personnel that they were happy to stay in their current rate rather than disappear to Sultan for 12 months or more. Especially as they would be out of pocket with food/accom charges plus travelling expenses to get home. With paycut 2000 the differential of the rate above was only a few quid in some cases, with the pension providing no incentive either. Perhaps this is why the length of courses at Sultan have been slashed. Nothing to do with having no-one at the air stations whilst everyone else is on course! The same thing will happen at St Athen.
  9. They should bring in the Open University to provided distance learning with mobile "summer schools" to reinforce the on job training on a proper engineering training squadron. That will save a fortune and allow us harmony time at in our base ports.
    Another fat contract for a labour supporter no doubt, I`m off to a tin pot 3rd world country at least they are more transparent with their fraud.
  10. Ye Gods!!

    Methinks I have stirred up a veriable hornets nest!

    Nothing like good old fashioned debate!
  11. The OU are part of the Metrix Joint Venture company that won the contract. May be you'll get your wish.
  12. Yet another 'fantastic' idea by King Toady BLiar which will really improve the armed forces output no end.

    I am sure him and his pathetic party are trying their utmost to rid Britain of its Armed Forces. Its all part of the master plan to de-enrich the south as they have already made plans to move hundreds of non-MOD civil servants that way also.

    Can anyone explain to me why exactly the training moving to south Wales and please forget all the claptrap and political rubbish.

    I have a few questions:

    Are they suddenly going to build a new naval base in the area?
    Are they going to build hundreds of new married quarters in the area?
    Are they going to move civil servants en masse?
    Does this mean even more houses being built in Gosport once they sell Sultan and Collingwood?

    And lastly...

    Can I please bring my nailgun to Toady BLiars next meeting with some Forces personnel and show him exactly what I think of the slime ball, lying toe rag?
  13. Having built all those houses on SULTAN and COLLINGWOOD, where are the occupants going to work? Of course, transport won't be a problem, will it.
  14. St Athan?
  15. I think you'll find that:

    Cardiff will be made a "Base Port Area" to avoid separated service thresholds being broken.

    MOD (sorry, I meant Anningtons) is unlikely to invest in more MQs - too expensive. Many wives are unlikely to want to move if they already have a career & kids are at school, so more weekend commuting. But remember that you've been drafted to your Base Port Area, so watch those allowances vanish!

    No need to move the Civil Servants. Either existing staff will be invited to transfer to Metrix under TUPE, or Metrix will recruit locally to avoid TUPE restrictions and take advantage of lower wage levels. No RN experience, but that's OK since all that "advanced" stuff will be shifted to OJT.

    More and more houses in Fareham and Gosport. Don't know who for though! Fortunately, I'll be long gone and out of the area - you never know, they may have built the tram by then to take care of all the extra traffic leaving Gosport each morning. :lol: :lol: Sorry, couldn't keep a straight face for that one.

    Cynical? Me?

    Edited for grammar
  16. I was in the Royal Navy, when we had a navy.
    When will official numbers be made redundant. Soon the RN will be so small that all members will know one another.
  17. Will this mean all ships markings and signs will have to have the Welsh translation too?
  18. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    And with the advent of road pricing, the costs of such commuting will become prohibitive.
  19. I for one will be glad if the other half gets drafted to 'HMNB Caerdydd' - t'would be good to have a family life again

    I wonder what the CPOWEA, RAF engineer, 2 ex wrens, ex booty and ex reme in my street (of 20 houses) will make of this. Gosport's loss is our gain, two sides to every story and all that.

    The Council in the Vale are going to be very very unpopular if plans for improvements follow previous form....
  20. I suppose there will be a grat issue of sheep on joining.

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