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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Naval_Gazer, Mar 9, 2009.

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  1. A truly inspiring Sunday Times article about Ben McBean, seriously wounded in Afghanistan a year ago, can be read online here. The final paragraph is refreshingly candid and epitomises the unique bond between those who serve in the Armed Forces; a bond few outsiders ever understand, let alone attain. What a marvellous man.
  2. Good man!
  3. good artical well written. BZ to the royal hope all works out for him
  4. Agreed.

    Outstanding effort Royal Marine!!
  5. Respect
  6. What an awesome bloke.

    Is he still serving in the Corps? I heard not too long ago that lads with amputations were being kept on as long as it was in branches like Clerks and stores etc..
    Can someone please enlighten me as to if this ever did happen. I know that for most of these lads to stay in the Corps, play their part and remain in the brotherhood is what they want. Guys like Ben don't need to prove themselves at the pointy end.
    I know of a guy who lost a leg whilst on the circuit not too long ago and was repplying to rejoin the corps through the Corps colonel, I dont know how he got on though.
    Are they being kept on or MD'd??
  7. Top Bloke, BZ
  8. Ben is still in, I saw him at work recently. What his/the corps plans are long term I don't know, but he is still serving at the moment.
  9. upmost respect for him. makes you proud to be british dont it.
  10. A gutsy quote from the interview.
    “I’m alive, aren’t I? I’m the same person. I’m just missing two limbs, which I lost fighting for my country. How can I complain about that?â€

    What more can you say? BZ Royal.
  11. Top bloke. An inspiration to us all.
  12. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    The Corps certainly use to retain men who'd lost a limb. A friend of mine lost a leg in Brunei, he got patched up, did a VMs course and was drafted to Logs. I'd say the Corps would hold on to the lads if it can.
  13. Many moon's ago, i was up in Hereford there was a lot of "Old Guy's" in the stores, cookhouse etc,etc... the usual pi$$ takes & banter went on, I got talking to one of the old guy's in the stores and he was in the Aden conflict like the other oldies.....they couldnt leave the regt, so the regt looked after them......, these guy's, Like Ben, fcuking insperational
  14. Two Paras have stayed in - one for sure is now Coy Clerk,was in the 'Stan (3 Para) t'other still in rehab,but staying on.

    MOD's idea is to keep on those that can contribute - guys like Ben should have no problems - Top Man !!
  15. The last paragraph I found quite humbling.

    Utmost respect to the young man.
  16. From the BBC:

    From the MoD Oracle:
    Ben will be giving blood, sweat and tears for this but is still around £2,500 short of his target, so if anyone is feeling generous, please throw a few pounds his way. CLICK HERE TO GO TO BEN'S 'JUST GIVING' PAGE

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