St Andrew's Day

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by SONAR-BENDER, Nov 30, 2014.

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  1. Happy Saint Andrew's day to one and all!

    Sitting here in my kilt watching Rab C Nesbitt videos. Just had a bowl of porridge and then a Lorne slice butty, Jock pie followed by a Tunnocks bar for lunch and haggis mash and neeps then cranachan for supper. All washed down with copious mounts of Irn Bru and/or tennants lager. I don't like whisky. *

    * This is actually all bollocks, I had coffee and toast for brekky!
  2. I had a Big Mac. Does that count? Oh, aye. Happy St Andrew's Day. :cool:
  3. I've just had a roast, the packet says the broccoli was scottish. I hate broccoli as much as I hate celery

    Love spouts and carrots though

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  4. JHF, But do you hate it a much as you hate Crabs?
  5. Celery is the food of the devil, crabs are the devil!

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  6. no bitterness towards either and or there then?
  7. No, and Spurs fans can all feck off too after today's game!

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  8. RAF.jpg

    As it's food and crabs, just for JFH (they may even be Spur's supporters).
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  9. I having that one!

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  10. And they love celery as well
  11. I can 100% guarantee they are not celery ( or any other ) salad vegetable eaters

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  12. Haha fair point, does that mean if I lived near a crab town all the pies will have sold out???
  13. I live in pissing distance of 3 and we have plenty of pie shops

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  14. Do they have any in stock though,

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