I was wandeing, does anyone know how much the MOD spends on SSSA/SSFA?

I'm only asking as there seems to be a signifcant number of people, from my establishment, being told to move into SSSA because there is no accommodation available on board.

Whilst this all well and good, and taking the additional FIA into account, it must be costing a small fortune. I can't help thinking that in these times of financial hardship, and with the dreaded cuts on the horizon, that it's an incredible waste of money.

I fully appreciate the fact that people require accommodation, but don't understand why MOD/HMG can't just bite the bullet and build some more accommodation. I also understand that I'm not privy to the 'bigger picture' and that budgets are tight, but in the long term this would surely save loads?


Agree completely Ghost - I know of 2 similar units (one of which is the great elephant called Birmingham). It makes sense in the short term, but not in the medium or long term. It must cost a small fortune though.
It's because it's in-year costs, which come from a different budget to a capital build, which would need to come from the 5 and 10 year plans. If you want to make a comment, use that website the gov't have set up to show how we can reduce expenditure....

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