Discussion in 'Submariners' started by scottl83, Jan 14, 2010.

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  1. Are you based at faslane either way? couldn't find the info myself
  2. No matter found the info
  3. SSBN's are Faslane based.
    Astute SSN's are Faslane based.
    Trafalgar SSN's are Guzz based.

    By 2017 ALL submarines will be Faslane based (under present Government/MoD plans...subject to change as always). Submarine re-fits will be in Guzz.
  4. Isn't placing all your assets in one place a bit of an error, strategically?

    far be it from me to question pussers wisdom :lol:
  5. turnbats

    dont go

    the whole SM service is due to be based in faslamabad by 2017..however..rumours are around that this will be delayed...
  6. :lol:

    one can hope (that it get delayed further!)
  7. It's hardly pusser's wisdom that's being questioned is it? It's government policy.
  8. is the option to choose which class you serve on available, or take what you get?
  9. I think you can press for your preference..usually can get your wish..
    of course, if all of your course want SSNs and only 1 space is available..then you will have a problem

  10. they both go hand in hand
  11. Of course they do.

    Equal partners. Whatever pusser wants from the government they get.

    Silly me.
  12. indeed...the navy could have said, lets have everything down south..

    the sub school is south
    all the maintenance is south
    collingwood is south
    sultan is south
    SETT training is south
    FOST main building/Dockyard could have easily accomodated FOST SM
    DEVMAT is south
    NUSCOT is south
    TALISMAN is south

    all the facilities are there...where as neptune............................
  13. They may not have a choice if the planned SNP vote on the location of the deterrent in Scotland goes ahead in the next parliament.
  14. You are being somewhat disingenuous there. Collingwood Sultan and SETT are South East, the others South West. Oh, and 'all the maintenance' is not South. Nuc Repair, for example, in Drake SFM is still trying to play catch-up with their colleagues in Neptune NTD. And where do T-boats carry out RAMP?
  15. yes sultan, SETT and collingwood are south east..but only a 3 hour drive away from plymouth...not a flight..

    the cost of sending people from plymouth to pompey cannot be as much as flying people around the UK...

    and as for the maint, the powers at be have stated that plynmouth would be used for maint..
    so, what they propose is, everyone based in scotland, RAMPs etc in Plymouth and courses in pompey

    could not make a bigger spread if you tried..

    I know there are more issues than this..but this is what pisses people off..when Torbay did a RAMP in Fanslane, it caused no end of problems....
  16. If that was the RAMP in '96 I was on it then. AFD 60 and Boyle block for 6 months, what a pain in the fcuking arse that was
  17. Agreed, but if you leave Pompey in the late afternoon, either way you can be back at work the next morning.

    My understanding is that RAMPs will still be undertaken in Faslane.

    If we could re-include Rosyth and Chatham, we could.

    Yes. I assume you mean the fact that ships staff were both in an unfamiliar working environment, and were also unable to achieve what most would consider to be a reasonable 'work/life balance' due to the fact that they were, for the most part, at the opposite end of the country to where they call home.
  19. I know you did Polto, don't mention cathodic protection or araldite, not our finest hour methinks :oops:
  20. There was a more recent one, circa 2007, and the least said about it, the better.

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