SSBN Follow on - from the chilly North to the sunny South ?


Lantern Swinger

Today's Guardian (!) is reporting a Royal United Services Institute "think tank" report that suggests that the follow on class of SSBNs could be based at Devonport, but later than the Scottish government's target of 2020 (it suggests 2028) and at quite some cost (£3.5 BN) .

The 2028 date is to tie in with the supposed introduction date of the future class of subs.

( It rules out my personal favourite [Milford Haven] due to the huge amount of liquefied natural gas that passes through and is stored there. )

Falmouth in Cornwall is named as a possible munitions site.
It concludes that moving the deterrent from the Clyde and the secure storage facilities for the warheads at Coulport is financially and technically feasible but wouldn't be cheap - between an additional £2.5bn to £3.5bn.]
Do these buggers actually understand what RNAD Coulport does? Storing the sunshine generators is the easy bit.

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