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SSAFA stands for Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association.

We are the national charity helping serving and ex-Service men, women and their families, including widows and widowers in need.

Eligibility for our help is one day's paid service in any of HM forces and National Service. We also help those who completed a period of satisfactory service in the Reserves.




Anyone who has served one paid day of service in any of HM forces - all ranks and branches
Immediate dependants of the above - including former spouses, widows and widowers
Anyone who has completed one year's service in the Reserve Forces and their dependants
Anyone who has served one paid day in the Mercantile Marine and their dependants - including Korea, Suez, Falkland and Gulf operations
Anyone who has served one paid day in the Palestine Police Force in WWII and their dependants
Anyone who has completed one year's service of the Association's Professional Nursing and Welfare service
Any UK citizen currently stationed overseas as part of the Armed Forces who has completed one paid day whilst abroad and at least six months service after their return

& also conduct casework for the Merchant Navy Welfare Board Constituent Charities


Lantern Swinger
I have nothing but praise for SSAFA. When I was going through the procedure of applying for a War Pension and had a pile of forms to complete, I contacted my local SSAFA rep and she helped me fill them all in and was there to give advice all through the procedure to the end. Any probs at all and they are there to help. They do a brilliant job.


Lantern Swinger
Yes, SSAFA do good work, even if, in the rural areas at least, it's run by ex-Colonels' wives. I'd like to put in a good word for the Royal Naval Benevolent Trust (RNBT) too. Casework, welfare, grants, residential/nursing home etc. A bit more localised to the contributors/members of this Forum.... and they actually donate money to SSAFA (and I'm afraid SSAFA tend to take the credit).


MMM! I am SSAFA but most definately not an ex-Colonel or even an ex-Colonel's wife. 8)
On the RNBT; we work closely with them. Most of the casework for RNBT is by SSAFA caseworkers, there are no RNBT caseworkers where I live & I live in a major port town.

RNBT need SSAFA and likewise SSAFA need RNBT.