SS Wheatear

Was exploring a local 'disused' grave yard yesterday and amongst some graves in badly need of repair I came across this war grave, the only one there.

Tried googling SS wheatear and only link I got was the grave commissions entry for this grave, anyone know were I might look for futher information



You might try Records of the High Court of Admiralty and colonial Vice-Admiralty courts file HCA 27/173/546 dated 1919 at the National Archives. The title is Folio 546 of 1919: Owners of Dredger No. 9 v Charles Hastings and Wheatear. Case no: N644. Brief notes of proceedings (link). Collision perhaps?
Thanks for that one, the Grave commission web site says he was 52 when he died and was married to a Mary Ham who lived at 19 Adelaid street, Stone House Plymouth, Born in TWERTON CEMETERY!

I'm guessing this is a typo as I can't imagen him being born in a cemetery! Guessing he must have been from round here . or at least his parents were from here. Don't know why would just like to know why he ended up the only war grave in the cemetery in an incident that appears not to be well documented. Or maybe I just need to get out more I'm not sure, still will keep me out of trouble till I get to the bottom of it!!


Just found this on a naval history webpage:

Wheatear, steamship

HAM, George, Private, RMLI, 3707 (Ply), died in UK

He was the only casualty of the event so your guess is more than likely correct
Ahhh George Ham, he was born in Twerton but not the cemetery i can assure you! his father was also George Ham married to Emily Cayford in St Michaels church Twerton. This George or my George as i like to call him was married to Mary in Ireland, Galway or around that area and from what i can find they had a son who died in 1917 the year before George did. xx
this grave is in fact my great grandfather George Ham- all that i have been able to find out was that he died of an accident after the conclusion of WW1, I was aware he was buried in the graveyard at Twerton and found the headstone fairly quickly. His orignal family home was a short distance from the cemetary Burnham Terrace, He is buried with both parents and a female called Eliza Whiting (unknwon link). He had 4 children George died 1917 illness WW1 RMLI and is buried in Plymouth, my grandfather Albert also Roayl Marine, Katherine, and another unknown child - presumed died very young.
He married Mary Goode Galway and was attached to HMS Banterer. His death certificate shows accident. I did visit the HAM family home in Burnham Terrace a few years ago but the had moved some years prior to this. Would be happy to share any info cheers Steve
Alicat - have posted message ref George Ham -interested in why you call him your George - any realtion to him, as he is my greatgrandfather.
cheers steve
Oh Steve Ham! ive been looking for you!!!!! I contacted a random person on the net who had George Ham on their tree and they gave me your e mail addy but it didnt work. My grt grandmother is Elizabeth Carpenter nee Ham and George is her nephew, i come from Bristol originally but moved to Twerton 6 yrs ago and started my family tree 3yrs ago thus finding myself in my Grt Grandmothers birth place spookily. We must make contact! xxx Alison
alison nice to hear from a distant relative!

Sorry was supposed to type Grt Grt Grandmother! major excitement as your Steven Ham! xx
I used to work in Bath from 1988-96 and did not research my family at that time which was a pity as i was later informed the Ham family still lived in Burnham Terrace at that time. I have your Elizabeth listed on my family tree with a note saying probably married a James Carpenter - so another part of the family jigsaw can be filled in.
I do not know where the Ham's moved to from Burnham Terrace - I am in fact Plymouthian - all due to the fact George became a Royal Marine and was stationed in Plymouth. My grandfather Albert also became a Marine - his brother George died in 1917 also being in the service.
My email address is [email protected], and it changed sometime ago (note _ between first and surname).
I have a few birth/marriage/death certs for the Ham family
I have managed to get back to Levi Ham who was grandfather of Elizabeth and George - seems that the family trade was a Mason
Ref SS Wheatear - i did find the below entry on the web ref action v a U - boat

Action off Portballintrae in which a tramp steamer called the Wheatear which was shelled by a surfaced U-boat. The steamer was armed and returned fire. In the exchange, some U-boat shells missed the Wheatear and landed on the village of Portballintrae, killing a cow. Portballlintrae is the only town in Ireland to be shelled by a German U-Boat. The Wheatear survived while the U-boat gave up the chase and submerged.
cheers Steve

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