SS training courses at HMS Collingswood?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Chris1337, May 12, 2012.

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  1. Seaman Spec training courses at HMS Collingwood?

    What training activities/courses do Seaman Specialists do at HMS Collingwood (MWS)?

    I can't find where it specifically says for Seaman Spec, can only assume Navigation training unit and the Above water training unit?

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  2. I expect you will spend some time in the Fleetwork Trainer learning how to use the manoeuvring codes from ATP-1 Vol 2, and also doing flag signal hoisting - I stand by to be corrected though if I am wrong. Before anyone else says it, Collingwood doesn't have an s.
  3. The thread title had me worried there for a bit. I know most of us are slightly right of center, but FFS,:)
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  4. It's the in thing to just make up an acronym, obviously.
  5. Cheers SEP86.

    Can anyone back this up?

    Sorry Sarking, I thought it wouldn't be too hard to figure out. Sorry to get you all confused.

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  6. Well we are talking about something to do with the navy. Im sure there are officers employed just to dream up acronyms.
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  8. Collingwood is bad but I didn't realise it had a secret Nazi Training Unit!
  9. Not only that but the cadets corps is just a front really they are hitler youth.
  10. We used to march singing the Horst Wessel Lied when I was there in 72
  11. Can anyone actually help me on my question at all, please?
  12. {Ring Ring}"Hello?""Is that the Helicopter Electronics Logistics Liaison Officer?""Hello?""I said is that the Helicopter Electronics Logistics Liaison Officer?""Hello?""Are you the Helicopter Electronics Logistics Liaison Officer?""Hello?""Oh **** off""Hello?"
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  13. Well it's hard to say what the Seaman Specs do at Collingwood, due to OPSEC and all that. What is to say your not a pesky Russian/Chinese spy trying to find out what our highly trained and professional seaman do in training!
  14. Steering, anchoring, berthing and guarding the ship

    Communicating with other ships via radio, flag hoists and lights

    Operating short-range weapons

    Upper deck maintenance

    Safety procedures eg firefighting

    Crewing RIBs
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  15. Same in 74, Shovel face the gunnery officer was there when I did killicks course, I'm pretty sure he had a Schutzstaffel background.
  16. Hi Chris,At Collingwood you will primarily being doing the Visual Signalling course. Learning to send and receive Morse by flashing light, Tactical voice procedure, Flag hoisting and maneouvering of ships in formations. You will do both classroom based training and practical skills in the seamanship/tactical training section in Mercury building in Collingwood.All of the seamanships skills will be covered when you go back to HMS Raleigh for the final phase of your 10 months of Seamanship training. YOur own CA should be giving you a full briefing and you will also find out more when you attend the Pre-Royal Navy course at HMS collingwood once your entry date has been given.Hope this helpsSM
  17. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    SM do they still march up and down raising various limbs and shouting strange things like corpen 9 or 9 corpen?
  18. I was there in 74 and the CGI had the nick name of Broken Wing due to him never moving his left arm. I was with the Buffers party across the road from him.
    He used to pick himself up in front of the mirror every morning before doing parade drills.
    Last I heard he ended up in the Houses of Parliment as a flunky.
  19. I was on OEM's course in 74 but did have a cushy number as the White City runner for a couple of weeks whilst awaiting my first sea draft, my oppo got the pig farm for the blue card. He'd never been near pigs in his life and never realised they could be nasty bastards until one tried to eat him, took a chunk out of his arse as he tried to climb over the wall.
  20. I've heard dits like this a couple of times. I often wonder how people with such clear mental health issues were permitted to serve.

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