SS Richard Montgomery- A disaster Waiting to happen....

Discussion in 'History' started by Scouse_Castaway, Oct 23, 2010.

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  1. Just been reading a WW2 Wrecks history and came accros a section about a vessel called the SS Richard Montgomery. It was a Liberty ship that ran aground in the middle of the Medway Approach and was a total loss. Its still there and its masts can be seen above surface.

    Wreck has a declared exclusion zone around it to prevent collisions.......... because onboard is around 3000 tons of ordnance that is becoming increasingly unstable. A collision or even the collapse of part of the decaying structure could set it off and result in possibly the largest non-nuclear man made explosion in history similar to the Halifax Disaster of 1917.

    Fascinating that essentially a huge bomb is sat in the Thames and if it went off it
    could level Sheerness (no loss aye) and cause damage in the Capital itself
  2. Saw your site via my google alert system for ss richard montgomery

    For anybody Interested in up to date info about the wreck and
    links about it go to:
    The richard montgomery matter
  3. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Would it not make sense to blow it up when there's a low tide and everyone has been warned?

    Better than it going off randomly.
  4. because unless you worked for a local builder or wanted to move your caravan 20 miles away very quickly (10 seconds...)

    It only has half the explosives aboard than the above link....

    maybe you could press the plunger thingy on the seafront to set it off
    thought not...

    As I am in a good mood I will be a bit more graphic so you will fully understand. The nearest point to see wreck is wall by tesco carpark 3Km away in sheerness. if you were standing on the wall when it went off and it all exploded at once, they MIGHT find parts of your BACKBONE in a tree 20 miles away 8O could even upset the shoppers at tesco a bit.
    not such a good idea, as is building an airport nearby or even living there.
  5. Don't forget that Canvey Island fuel storage is but a short step (or should that be a short bang !!) away.

    We residents of the Garden of England have lived with that ship for so many years - never really bothered us before, can't really see it bothering us all that much now....... of course we didn't have Alky Ada then.
  6. Having visited the Medway towns, am I alone in thinking this is an opportunity for some much needed urban renewal?
  7. well here's your chance to go down in history as the man who renewed the medway towns & solved the montgomery problem.

    All you need is a snorkle & facemask pair of fins + 1 hand grenade in your teeth. :wink:
  8. I'm sure he's quite keen but his distinct lack of any teeth prohibits your derring-do suggestion. :cry:
  9. It would seem its only a "problem" for a slack handful of internet conspiracy theorists.
  10. Noooo...keep this baby alive...there's a lot of UK EOD divers just waiting for the goldrush when someone decides we can have a go at sorting this potentially devastating timebomb environmental disaster.... yarda yarda yarda blah money money :p :p
  11. There were nowt wrong with the Towns until lKCC decided to amalgamate all of them into one (Chatham, Gillingham & Rochester) to create a super council thereby destroying the individuality (ie the Pubs !!) .... those of us who are from still call each town by its original name though.
    No good pubs there now for sailors ...... :(
  12. .......never was. :wink:
  13. Was too !! :p
    (but many, many moons ago)

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