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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by WarMonger, Dec 18, 2009.

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  1. I have been trying to book an SRCC but myself and unit PSI's are having trouble finding it on the booking currently doesnt appear for either courses for this training year or for 2010/2011.

    We've tried speaking to the people that manage the booking system, but its tri service, hundreds of thousands of courses..the phrase pissing into the wind springs to mind!!

    Anyone else had the same issues or is it just us..If anyone knows the dates for the remainder of 2009/2010 and new year 2010/2011 would be great!!

    I'm going to try to speak to RNSLAM but with XMAS leave it's unlikley we will get an answer soon!

    All help gratefully appreciated.
  2. May and December for RNR, don't know exct dates. FYI it's now SRL(leadership)C

    SRCC is service rifle coaching course, that may be screwing up your search.
  3. Fleet Chief...cheers for that...May is a bit dodgey getting married but December will be nice..hear Brecon Beacons is lovely that time of the year....!!

    I'm trying to get dates asap so I can organise my life...does anyone know the telephone number if you need to make an enquiry about a course..I understand there is some sort of central booking it part of JPA???
  4. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Does the RNR now do the Brecon Beacons? When I did my POLC (OK, it was 10 years ago!), the course outline was as follows:

    Week 1
    Day 1: 2.4 km run followed by kit issue, admin and dogwatch sports
    Day 2: PLTs, talks, dogwatch sports
    Day 3-5: classroom stuff, PT, dogwatch sports
    Weekend: self-study (going round cliff and chasm and assault courses in slow time)
    Week 2
    Day 1: Cliff/Chasm, Debate, commence Erlestoke
    Day 2: Erlestoke
    Day 3: Assault course, class room stuff, dogwatch sports
    Day 4: video presentation to Cdr RNSLAM, return kit, dogwatch sports
    Day 5: formation tick-tock, PCD, individual debrief, FO

    Still to this day think that this was the most rewarding course I ever did in the RNR.
  5. I was under the distinct impression that SRCC also stood for Service Rifle Coaching Course?
  6. Already covered fella....SRCC (used to be POLC, used to be Senior Rates Command Course) is now SRLC.

    SRCC is indeed the rifle coaching course!

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