sraight edge anyone?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by the_mighty_tug, Nov 20, 2008.

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  1. Im just curious if anyone on here follows the straight edge way of life?
    (ie; dont smoke,dont drink,no promiscuous sex and obviously no drugs) some people even choose to add on vegitarianism/veganism but thats getting to the extreme side.

    I only ask because ive been in the navy for 5 years now so i know how much alcohol plays a big part in the RN and wondered if any of you follow a clean lifestyle like this?

  2. Righto Tug, I'll bite.
    Have never taken a drug, other than those prescribed medically. Packed up smoking in 1969. Didn't indulge in promiscuous sex unless it was absolutely obligatory (ie. dead cert), have, and still do, stray(ed) to the vegetarian side on occasions, and do also sometimes have the occasional alcoholic drink, (but not ALL day).
    Am I the paragon of virtue that you are seeking?


  3. lol,i believe you are pretty close to it my friend
  4. Don't smoke or do drugs. Rarely drink and have been with the same fantastic woman for almost two decades. Couldn't survive on a veggie's diet though so I guess I don't score an A in this test.

  5. My mate doesn't smoke, doesn't drink, doesn't do drugs, and makes all his own dresses !!

  6. He is obviously a she or a bootneck then.


  7. lol, oh crap what have i started!!!

    this isnt a test or anything guys, i was just curious if there was anyone else in that didnt smoke/drink etc

    i would fail myself if it was- spent the last 5 years in the RN getting aquainted with a nice chilled beverage of the alcoholic variety!

  8. I'll bite also then

    Never taken any drugs unless prescribed. Never smoked and i drink as and when it takes my fancy which due to poor health over the last few years is now quite rare also. Shagging on the other hand :)

    And no i'm not an old giffer, i'm 36
  9. Never Smoked, got a mortgage so drinking is out of the window, happily married & hate red meat.

    No too far from perfect.
  10. I have never smoked, never took drugs (wasn't interested), don't drink much, eat healthy food, don't shag about - I'm not ancient at 35 either but reading that, no wonder I am miserable! :thumright:
  11. A ya big bunch of poofs!!! Man up a bit!!

    Drink like your thirsty :eek:ccasion5:
    Fight like your life depends on it :boxing:
    and FCUK like your being fillmed :hump:

    Its a winner :thumright:

    Seriously though, I dont smoke or take drugs, I eat fairly well (definitely a carnivor though), I train hard and I drink every weekend.

    Its of no surprise to me to fine people eating well, training hard and not smoking on a Forces website, but no drinking???? o_O WTF?
  12. Never smoked, don't drink, fairly promiscuous but I have high standards.
  14. I haven't smoked for years, never taken drugs except for caffiene, chocolate and alcohooool ;) am not really interested in sex but I am, er not straight either. Do I qualify? :razz: :bball:
  15. I'm completely smoke free, only have prescription drugs, I do enjoy a drink but quite sensible with it too, don't binge drink or anything like that.

    However, I do bang like a barn door in a gale.
  16. I don't drink much as I am very cheap to run - one drink I am anybody's, two drinks and I am nobody's. :boogie:

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