SR Mess Undress

Does anyone know of a good source for the supply of SR Mess Undress kit?

Remember looking in LB a few years back and it was not much in quality, but high in price. Asked the civi Tailor at the time, but he also stopped doing these many moons ago.


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Check the intranet classified 'For Sale' pages. Due to the infrequent times you'll actually wear it, probably cheaper to get a second-hand one and get it altered.

Give Brian Gutteridge, lengendary Naval Tailor, a call. Telephone number has been PMd to you.



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Turner and Virr in Fareham did mine at a reasonable price brand new. The guy used to come into Nelson slops twice a week.
Just got my second Undress from Baums on Queen St; Pompey.
Dunno what happened to my 1st it just seems to have shrunk in the wardrobe. must be those strange clothes shrinking moths........
pompeyexpat said:
I've just got mine from the tailoress in Drake (By the NAAFI at 9 wharf), reasonable price and good quality.
That is (or was) Turner Virr.
She spreads her time between Drake and Raleigh. reasonable quality and price :)
Cheers for the advice and tips guys...

Uniform shrinkage in the wardrobe...... happens to my No1s everytime I have to dig them out. Good job the stitching is elastic... The buttons may be classed as a N.D. if they pop though...

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