Squaddies Poem

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by chockhead819, Mar 9, 2007.

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  1. found this on an ex-forces NG

    The Borrowers

    Borrowing my boots and a bullet proof vest, I'm
    a British soldier and I try my best. To fight
    a war in a far off land, my gun won't work if
    there's too much sand.

    Thinking of my family they are so very far, I'd
    be so much safer in the presidents car. Bullet
    proof and very fast, wall to wall protection
    in a suicide blast. Here comes a terrorist, or
    an innocent Man ? Is he gonna shoot me ?
    Do I shoot him while I can ?

    My political masters are all safe and well, but
    they sent me to this sandy hell. No equipment
    and nothing nice to eat. No air conditioning, in
    the blistering desert heat.

    Another day begins my best mate died last night,
    shot through the head, he sadly lost the fight.
    A brave man dead for one political lie. Are you
    gonna tell his wife and kids, just why he had
    to die ?

    My tour of duty is over the plane home is very
    old, my house has been condemned, my bath is
    full of mould. All the thanks I get for risking
    my life, is a condemned house to live in, and a
    frightened, anxious wife.

    The electorate sent us to fight and die, while
    they stayed at home, I saw a Childs leg get
    blown off, I could even see the bone. I see her
    face when I close my eyes, I can even hear her
    screams. How can I ever again,,, have loving
    pleasant dreams ?
  2. Says it all really.

  3. Yes,says it all....only there should be one correction:it was not the electorate but the politicians who send you to fight.I can only hope that you can come to terms with what you have seen....I never could

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