Discussion in 'Bloody Computers' started by HookieBuntz, Jan 20, 2008.

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  1. I have seen, on more than one occasion, Spybot, take over a machine.

    Get called out as the customer think they have a virus or spyware due to machine not reacting to commands.

    Do a quick CTRL ALT DELETE and look at the processes tab to find spybot eating 97% of the processor. Stop the program running and everything returns to normal.

    Spybot may be good at detecting spyware but it will also take over the system now and again.

    So, if you have spybot installed and the machine is running slowly, have a look at the processes running. Chances are, spybot may be causing the problem.

    If it is, then its into the control panel, add/remove programs and remove it from the PC.
  2. DO NOT remove Spybot from your PC!!

    Run Spybot every couple of days OR just before going to your online bank etc etc for peace of mind.
    There really is no need for you to leave spybot running all of the time.
  3. When I run Spybot it does run the CPU at max chat, but I'm aware of that. It doesn't run when I don't want it to, so no problemo.
  4. I think that's it. Leave it running and you run the risk of it going off on one.

    I wouldn't recommend removing it completely, just use it judiciously; as with any defensive software.
  5. Run it while you are having tea or out getting ciggies, no problem then.
  6. It's more then likely the "teatimer" part of Spybot,

    It's a little like Winpatrol in that it monitors any changes to your system, so any automatic processes that kick in the Teatimer is going to validate it, this cause the RAM to jump....

    Tea Timer Tips

  7. I have seen it run without being called to run, and have been told that it has run for hours.

    Remove it, and install Adware and AVG Anti spyware, both are free. IMO they both do a better job than spybot and both use less of the processor to do it.

    The attack on me, as I dared to say something a moderator didnt agree with, is totally unjustified and just goes to show what others have said in the past. This site is run for the minority, all of whom seem to be moderators now.

    Anyone that has personal experience of something happening is not allowed to voice it, that is very clear.

    Apologies for making my thoughts and experiences public.
  8. Who attacked you HookieBuntz?

    Care to elaborate?

    Show me?
  10. How on earth was that an attack "on you"?
  11. Agree with that and it needed mentioning - It's not chip hungry though.
  12. There a number of other programs that have tagged the name Spybot before, after or in the middle of their name to try and give them some air of respectability and fool you into downloading them, be aware of that.

    Spybot Search & Destroy is recommended by all the leading PC a Software makers.
  13. HookieBuntz, I think you might be being a little oversensitive. There was nothing in Lamri's post criticising you, even if he did disagree with you. Don't take a difference of opinion personally mate.
  14. IDID I have deleted your post due to the swerve you took.

    If you would care to rewrite it, keeping it in this thread and not cross threading yourself then it will happily stay here being ignored by all and sundry i'm sure.
    Thank You ;)
  15. Deleted already? Tsk Tsk

    Have a nice day
  16. Well, there you go then.

    Anyone like to bring this back ON topic?
  17. If that is the case why did you delete it in the first place? I was agreeing that you had not made a personal attack on Hookiebuntz. I request you replace the post.

    Have a nice day
  18. Oh ffs, take your ball and bat and go home then.....jeesus wept, the drama is enough to make some people :pukel:
  19. I know what you said IDID, but like I said in my explanation to you, you took such a swerve in your post that I had no other option but to delete it.
    This is a computer forum mate, not diamond lils or anywhere else for that matter.
    You original post was deleted and as such cannot be reinstated.
    Thats de-le-ted ;)

    Have an even better day :)
  20. Lamri fair enough maybe this is not the thread to be replying to the concerns of Hookiebuntz. And I therefore take your point in this instance. But I can assure you contrary too your belief, IDOITDEEPER has not left the site! I will only post computer related issues on this thread.

    My day has been very pleasant so far thank you.


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