Spurious Officer CD-ROM -"Insiders' guide to success"

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Seven, Jun 21, 2010.

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  1. Whilst researching the AIB and what to expect during the selection process, I came across a site that sells a CD-ROM that will 'guarantee!!!!'' a pass at the AIB. http://www.royalnavyofficer.co.uk/ Frankly it all sounds a bit gash, it doesn't really help itself with consumerism buzz-phrases like ''You’re Fully Covered By Our No-Risk Money-back Guarantee''. And the idea that someone can just buy a product and pass what people train so hard for is ridiculous, and for it to be floating around so freely online is dubious.


    I'm quite nervous about the whole thing (haven't even done the RT yet, just sent in my forms) and in my eyes any help is welcome, especially psychometric test examples, which it apparently has oodles of. So, my question is, has anyone ever come across this before? Or is it some kind of scam/absolute crap? Or have I unwittingly unveiled what should have been my secret weapon, who knows? Cheers. :D
  2. Actually, you've pretty much summed it up in your post there.

    These CDs just package up the bleedin' obvious and sell it to punters with a worthless guarantee. You will probably find that this "guarantee" will have exclusions to avoid paying out.

    All the info on the CDs will most likely be available from your ACLO/AFCO at no cost, and other stuff like psychometrics can be found with a little bit of searching anyway.

    Edited to add: Just seen the price and wish I'd had the idea first!!
  3. I havent used the one for officer but the one to pass the selection process was excellent!
  4. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    The picture of the Naval Officer seems to be one of the USN. I would suggest everything you need to know is available, for free, from your ACLO, here on RR and via the RN web site.
  5. Haha, yes, I felt that was their motive. I'm sure you can think up an alternative plan to make your millions. :D

    TattooDog and Guns, yeah, I agree, I knew at the back of my mind that there wouldn't be anything mindblowing, just wanted real opinions. I need to stop being one of those people who need some sort of Holy Grail to make themselves feel confident. I'll stick with my online psych tests, GCSE Bitesize maths and physics and just keep up to date with the mod site.

    Holli - Really? Fair enough! You're more advanced in your progress than me, so who am I to argue, eh?
  6. I think there's one on how to pass SF 'Selection'. It comes with a mountain range and a grinder for your heels.
  7. That's the market they're aiming at. We live in a society that wants everything neatly packaged and available right now!

    Carry on soaking up information, taking advice from the ACLO/AFCO and learning from experience, and it'll probably be better for you in the long run.
  8. Apparently there's also one for STC but, due to the Official Secrets Act, the CD-ROM is blank.
  9. It's the same as the above except you do it in the bollocky-buff and have to wrestle a donut from a WREN.

    The horror
  10. Don't waste your money. If you search on Amazon you'll see similar titles for just about every job possible. I'm guessing loads of the information is generic.
  11. The Royal Marine Commando one comes with a free rollmat for you to practise with and a floral dress :wink:

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