Sproglet on-board!

Sprog warning! Hello chaps and chapesses Veritas here, interesting site and by the looks of it, some interesting peeps.

Former Royal.....1972-1981 42nd Maritime Regiment of Foot, 6th Assualt Sqd`n HMS Intrepid and some other places.

Shall I just pull up a chair and plug meself in?


I fink yer going to fit in well on this site a good sense of humor and a lack of ego unlike some.

Welcome aboard Royal


Now get yourself off to Diamond Lils at the double
Here, Here Nutty. Seems to be able to stand his own. He ought to last a while. Now about the initiation ceremony Veritas .... :D


He is a Royal so its real Coke not the 'Light' piss.

Welcome onboard Rum Ration Veritas! Lets hope you can speak the truth?

Magnus est Veritas?

My old school motto was Veritas et Veritatis... or was it Veritatis et Veritas? Truth and Honesty - a bit pretentious for a new Comprehensive, ex-Secondary Modern if you ask me!

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