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Spring is sprung


War Hero
Yes there is a springtime in Oz and as in UK the country springs into life. In the lower part of Western Australia the wild flower display is magnificent. Unlike UK there are no cuckoos or rabbits, well a few rabbits, instead we have the kukuburras, never sure about that bloody spelling, and big bunnies called kangaroos. Now when I walk my dog in a nearby reserve to hear the kukuburra " laugh" still amazes and amuses me after many years of hearing the distinctive sound. Even to see a huge kangaroo bounding effortlessly and silently through the bush is still a wonderful sight.My dog, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier , would love to have a go but contrary to the popular image of Skippy the big roo would probably rip his guts out with those big lethal back claws.Great to be alive in Oz,



War Hero
No SF just thought it would be a change from much of the dreary miserable crap some threads are about. Did indulge in the odd pint or glass of plonk although I gave up the weed many years ago. Still have the occasional wine, very good wine country Western Australia. Never ever used drugs though, not even the favourite, pot is it?. Interestingly today's paper reports "there may be a substance in marijuana that possibly would help treat and slow the onset of Alzheimer's disease, the leading cause of dementia among elderly people".
Anyway I do find it possible to get pleasure from a bush walk SF and hope to do so for some time. Fresh air to clear the mind and still safe from many of the problems in the bigger centres. This is a great place which is why I decided to stay here so excuse me while I get the bottle of red for tonight not quite smoking but still with a pleasant effect and help for a sound peaceful sleep. Have a great day,

Oz is a fascinating place. I've always wanted to visit someday.
My father was stationed there with the fifth air force during WWII, and when he died in 99, his only regret was that he never got a chance to go back.
And I would be remiss if I didn't mention my all-time favorite Australian export: Rachel Griffiths!!

Happy spring, Hobbit!


War Hero
Thank you BY I sincerely hope you make it to this great country. So big and so much to see you'll possibly end up staying as I did. I'm in the process of moving to Darwin, a mere 4000 thousand km journey by road as I hate to be parted from my faithful canine companion. You will find the Australian people very friendly in general as Americans are well liked here so what are you waiting for?

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