Spring Break in Ft Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale Spring Break the 1980s | Mail Online

Must be a slow news day if the DM has to resort to running a story of Spring Break in Ft Lauderdale in the 80's but it begs the question How many of us have got a Ft Lauderdale / Daytona Beach Spring Break dit???

Remember tipping up there in the late 80's on Decrepid ... the sun was hot ... and "Dial-a-Sailor" was all the rage! Some pussy's from some USN ship with us thought a "round" was a jug of beer (and I use the term "beer" loosely folks) between everyone ... nah a jug each! "Pink Pussy Cat Club" just outside the dockyard gates and "The Button Bar" on the beach ... Trapping in one of the clubs one night and waking up the next morning in Palm Beach and trying to get back before "both watches" ... then trying to persude some tart to go "twos up" and failing miserably! Mind she later got trapped by a Royal who caught a dose off her!

hey ho ... happy days!
76 on the Ark, the heavens opened and I got soaked to the skin. Went into a bar which was freezing cos of the aircon and was refused service due to being too wet. just as well as I would probably have got exposure, soon dried though once the sun came back out.
Did my first trip to Lauderdale on the Rusty B in '76 and it was a rig run, you knew who the hatters were onboard 'cos they didn't trap (S&S were prominent among those who didn't trap, particularly one sub-branch :) ).

Second time 3 of us from the boat I was on flew out for 3 weeks leave which coincided with the spring break...bargain, they just loved our "cute" accents ;)
By the time I made it to a spring break I was married and did not stray so got shit faced instead, still one hell of a party. We hit the pitcher problem as some bars were running out of pitcher as we all had one each.
Think it was 89 on Phoebe, female mud wrestling in The Button Bar. POs mess cock and arse then ashore in Red Sea rig.........Great memories, back again in about 93 on Marlborough and although a good run, not as good as he first one.
FL, that was my first experience of a young lady sticking her finger up my bottom as I was giving her one, not an unpleasant experience.

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Went there by bomber, cant remember much, greenhouse bar in the base, digs in some army camp, Andrews maybe? jaws had just been released, that put an end to swimming off Cocoa beach
Cant remember where but we were in a basin not a cruise ship berth, septics had to load lots of kit for the firing and being what we were and what we were doing we must have been in a secure base


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I think you'll have been at Port Canaveral where they have a base for Trident subs using the Canaveral range especially if you didn't swim on Cocoa beach which is just south of there.

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On a re think it could have been Fort William winter solstice with a cup of cocoa before bed time, too many tots and too many miles on the clock, good run though


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First trip on the Derry in 80. Love it so much made it my life goal to trap a yank, get a green card and retire out there. Took me 20 years but managed it in the end.

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