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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by frogman, Oct 10, 2006.

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  1. In my day in the Andrew, it was as above, or 'spread a little groundbait'.

    What a wonderful response from the chaps! and so heartwarming to see such a diversity of opinion. A little sad to note that the first negative response comes from Nutty, who apparently doesn't live here. However, as I shall soon be leaving this sceptic isle, perhaps one shouldn't be too unkind :)

    You will now (I hope), be realising that my post was somewhat tongue in cheek. I am not, as has been suggested a journalist, but a perfectly ordinary 65 year old white hetrosexual male.

    On the Irish question:

    I do believe that ALL terrorists who escaped punishment under the agreement should be the subject of draconian punishment. I do not believe that this will ever happen, and I suggest that this leaves no justice for the thousands of victims of the paramilitary forces in Ireland.

    During the First World War thousands of Southern Irishmen served with the British Army, and this is to their eternal credit. In common with the 'Brits, the Irish have emigrated to many parts of the world, and by doing so they have enriched the countries concerned. However, I do not consider the travelling Irish in the UK to be of the same ilk. They would not get away with some of their activities in the Republic, and they should not do so here. They are a blight on our society, and should be removed.


    Many of our friends come from the gay community, and want nothing more than to be accepted for what they are, and to be able to get on with their lives. Many of then unfortunately do not want equality, but some form of special treatment. Those that insist on taking part in 'gay pride' marches create alienation among others.


    There is now, and there has been for some time, a very strong case for our withdrawal from the European Community. If we were to do so, the benefits would be enormous. The scaremongers who predict doom and gloom should be ignored.


    Our base reasons for troop deployments in the two main areas of conflict are manifestly flawed. Both areas will ultimately prove to be our 'Vietnam'.


    In short we are stuck with it!!

    There are those immigrants, many of whom who came here in the 50's, who have fully integrated into our society. Countless numbers since then have not done so. At present the majority of schoolchildren in London are from 'ethnic minorities'. In 25 years time the overall population of London will be such that the indigenous population will be in the minority.

    Global Islam will one day rule here, and our countrymen will then know true suffering.

    It saddens me to have realised that at my age I feel obliged to leave the country of my birth. However, there is no point in bemoaning my fate, I'm just going to up sticks, and hope for a better life elsewhere :?

    In conclusion, it would be fair to say that this country is in a real mess. Crime is ever on the increase, our education system is dreadful, the once much vaunted NHS is in chaos, the elderly and infirm have become victims, aand many of our citizens have a sense of hopelessness.
  2. Nutty lived here till last year Frogman... so you'll be in the same proverbial boat this time next year :) I'm supporting Nutty's canditure for President (for life) of the EU should the opportunity arise in the future! :lol: So beware! :wink:

    Islam will not prevail - rather reform shall occur within Islamic states, as there is already pressure to do so and it continues to grow. It cannot be resisted indefinately. Don't be deceived by the orchestrated demonstrations or the vociferous minorities. Most Muslims I know in both this country and in Iran are actually socially liberal - which may come as a shock to you. Twenty years ago I expected the Cold War to end in a hot one! It didn't. Britain has been in this situation before and will prevail again.

  3. Frogman where are you moving to? I hope not anywhere in the EU? because you are only able to live there because of the Four Freedoms! Freedom of persons, capital, goods and establishment/services.
  4. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    Or gob off indiscriminately, with not a jot of rationality or reason.

    ANyway. Eyes down ...

    Tongue-in-cheek? Let's examine your 'tongue-in-cheek' opinions, shall we?

    On both sides, huh? What benefit would this draconian punishment enatail? Do you not reckon if we started stringing up the ex-Provs the effect would be to reaffirm the movement and nullify any ceasefire? Do you reckon that the streets of Derry and Belfast would be a bloodbath with the Irish government ripping up any accord and cross-border operations resestablished? Do you reckon that every treaty established and arms reduction movement would be wasted and our standing in the United Nations besmirched with protests all around, mainly from Europe and America? You really are dim, aren't you?

    So, let's get this straight. Kick out the gypsies? What about eastern European gypsies? Itinerant ex-servicemen on our streets? Your ex-colleagues?

    Tell me what harm gay people having a gay pride march does to your moral soul. Do you fear that one day, they might drag you along and bum you into madness? Frankly I don't care what the **** they do ... I'm comfortable which side of the church I sit on and my gay friends pose me no threat. As they say, those that mind, don't matter. Those that matter, don't mind. Do you fear gays? Do you think they see every 65 year old het gadger as fresh meat? I can't speak for them (maybe AAC can help) but I'd put a years wages you aren't their bag. So get a ******* grip, eh?

    a. where is this 'strong case', and which study group commissioned it?

    b. what benefits would be enormous, and show your working out. Show also the projected ten year plan and what the **** we would do when the EU slaps ******* huge tariffs on our exports. Tell me also how many jobs it would net gain or lose. Tell me also how we would tackle the exchange rate. Tell us all what future NATO would have and what current EU sponsored deals would require compensatory payments or penalties to escape from.

    c. why 'ignored'? I don't see much reasoning coming from your well-fucked farter. 'Let's pull out of Europe'. No ******* reason, save for deep seated xenophobia and hatred for anything not 'English'. And you want to move abroad. Sure you don't have Altzheimer's?

    You see. You can talk sense. Now explain what our exit strategy will be, how we will deal with a highly Islamised and radicalised Iraq and Afghanistan and the giant surge of terror uncapped in it's wake. Thanks, Tony and George.

    Show your working out and proof. Don't just postulate and 'imagine' it. We need to see your figures and then your sources. And don't ******* quote Enoch ******* Powell, for ****'s sake.

    Show your proof.

    See ya.

    Tax is down, as is inflation and private ownership is at an unprecidented high. More people own cars, the entertainment industry is booming and the new surge in service industry jobs is predicted to outstrip industry jobs by 2015, according to some sources in the CBI. Immigrants do the shitty jobs that good old unemployed, games-obsessed, free-with-choice, tubby young white people don't want to do and our Europwean and overseas connections has resulted in increasing influence in global trade. If we can keep our ******* noses out of wars we don't need to be involved with.

    There's bad stuff. But there's good stuff. And whatever colour it is, it is MY Britain.

  5. I would love to live on the moon only problem is.

    There aint no atmosphere
  6. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Tax is down, as is inflation and private ownership is at an unprecidented high. More people own cars, the entertainment industry is booming and the new surge in service industry jobs is predicted to outstrip industry jobs by 2015, according to some sources in the CBI. Immigrants do the shitty jobs that good old unemployed, games-obsessed, free-with-choice, tubby young white people don't want to do and our Europwean and overseas connections has resulted in increasing influence in global trade. If we can keep our ******* noses out of wars we don't need to be involved with

    I've cracked it, time to own up Levers, your real name is Gordon Brown isn't it......
  7. Don't let it sadden you, I used to hate the moaning pricks that sat around in the mob complaining how shit it was, and my advice was to get out. I took my own advice when I too had enough. The same with UK, who gives a shit if it is the country of your birth, it's just land. At least you have the balls to try something new and maybe you will find as many of us have that the grass sometimes really is greener on the other side.
    Good luck with it, my lifestyle here is 100% better than it could ever be in the UK, massive houses with all mod cons, every western amenity you could wish for, you can live as "native" or an expat. Life is god, why suffer the bullshit of the chavs and yobs and the no respect culture of the UK when you can do it better elsewhere.
    Paradise is out there, you just have to have the spuds to get out of your comfort zone and go for it.
  8. An old claim of the Christian Right. What you call special rights such as the right to NHS treatment, to marry, not to be sacked just for being gay are in fact basic rights. Would you call them special rights if we denied Christians the right to NHS treatment, to marry, not to be sacked just for being Christian? I have the odd suspecion you wouldn't.

    A lot of people feel alienated by Christian's protesting outside the Jerry Springer so-called opera or at other events. You demand the right to free speech and to publically profess and practice your ideology but object when gays and others wish to exercise the same right. I think that is an example of the behaviour condemned by Paul: hypocrisy. Preaching one thing and practicing another.

    Well, er, actually I er, prefer older men... :twisted: So watch your back Frogman :lol:
  9. Levers - the strong case is that many of us didn't want to join the EU in the first place. Of course it wasn't the EU when we joined, it was the Common Market.

    UK plc is one of the only nett contributors and its strong economical position is nothing whatsoever to do with its membership of the EU. More that the gullible UK public has been hoodwinked by New Labour into parting with more of its hard-earned cash to the Chancellor's coffers. Whilst more people own their own property, they have been royally fleeced by Prudence Brown into paying £4.5 billion pa in stamp-duty, which hardly turned a profit prior to this government. It's not up to Europhobes to prove whether or not UK would be better off out of it, more that Europhiles should show where life has improved entirely because of membership.

    As the UK fishing, farming and manufacturing industries have found to their immense cost, up to and including their suicides in some cases, EU membership has been a disaster. UK has lost its cherished independence and control of its own laws, human rights and many other parts of its life for which it has been a beacon of hope throughout the ages.

    And Britain is not yours. It's not mine, either, but is fast becoming the whipping boy of a bunch of unelected EU "Commissioners", who would never hold down a job in open competition.
  10. The fact that many disagree is not in itself a particularly strong case unless that case is baked up with some factual evidence. Certainly since Ted Heath no party in government which has actually seen the books has wanted out, even Maggie.

    Stamp Duty and that nice man Gordon's raids on your pocket have not been to fill the Euro coffers, that all comes from VAT, rather it has gone to allow his chums to fritter away on their pet hobbies. Also I think proving or disproving European influence on the strength of ur economy would be difficult. The fact we have a car industry at all is down to Japanes investment here to ensure entry in the Eropean market. The same applies to many of the other inward investments made by overseas companies.

    I would agree that the fishing industry has suffered badly but that was a price almost every government seems happy to have paid, after all after Icelandic fishing went down the tubes the only fishing industry in the UK was the Scots and they don't matter. As for farming most of their problems rest with a combination of government incompetance which would have existed with or without the EU, and Mad Cow. Personally I see the Human Rights legislation which is not directly EU actually as a far better protection than vague references to Magna Carta which was written for the rich only.

    But of course those commisioners are all in the pockets of their respective prime ministers which is why they are there, it perhaps would be a lot better if the commision was controlled by the elected parliament. But Tony and his Euro chums would never have that.

    I fear if the UK left the EU the trade backlash would be severe as those pesky little chaps in Brussels would want to prove how wrong the UK was.

  11. 48 hours to go before I leave the UK, and no, I will not be settling anywhere in Europe!

    As for you Levers, if anybody could confirm my decision to leave, it would be you. If I had it in me to do so, I would pity you. Clearly a man of limited intelligence, with a foul mouth. I do however wish you a long life, all the longer to witness the decline of our country.

    Please do not bother to reply, as this is the last time that I will visit this site.

    P.S. If you really did serve in the Royal Navy, I bet you were an absolute joy to live with on a messdeck!!!
  12. I think I might as well be watching Trisha or similar the amount of ranting going on around here.

    Who's first for the lie detector test?
  13. Peter

    The UK's financial situation is different to that of most of Europe, in that we do not have the Euro and I don't remember suggesting that Stamp Duty was going into Euro-coffers anyway. It does, however, contribute to the myth that SuperJock has managed the economy well. He has largely been the beneficiary of the financial situation in place when this government came into office. He has sold off a good deal of the country's reserves, which means we no longer have them against the proverbial rainy day.

    Whilst the fact that I and many others didn't want to join is not necessarily a strong case for leaving the EU, which I would again point out was not the institution that the referendum asked about, I am not convinced that Nissan, Honda and others have invested in the UK because we are in the EU, more that we are nearer the European mainland than is Japan, otherwise they would have spent their money in one of the mainland EU countries.

    I shall be exercising my right to vote them out at the next election, but I am afraid that the gullible "traditional" Labour voters will ignore all the evidence that the Labour movement no longer cares about the socially disadvantaged, more that they can join the gravy train. Look at all the old reactionaries like Peter Hain, Prezzer, Alan Johnson etc who now have their noses firmly in the trough. If he had died, the Beast of Bolsover would be turning in his grave!
  14. Maybe if more people felt like this there would be fewer conflicts in the world.
  15. Excellent! :D

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