sprained wrist

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by boxy, Feb 2, 2010.

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  1. When it was snowing a while back i was drunk and went a pisser down a slope and buggered up my wrist, i went to a nurse and she said that it was sprained and that it would be better in a few weeks.

    well a few weeks have passed and i cant do any press ups without it feeling uncomfortable and its starting to not only worry me but piss me off because my entry date is 21st of march, i know i have to tell my AFCO about anything happening like this but i dont want to have to wait another 3 dam years for an entry date, any advice chaps :D
  2. You should have seen a doctor instead :p

    Off you go to your local Emergency Department. They'll probably give you jip about waiting 3 weeks, but sounds like you need proper examination ± xray.

    On the plus side, even if it is broken you're probably not going to need anything more than a splint so it may not set your entry date back, but let your AFCO know once you have a diagnosis and estimate of how long it will take to get better. Let me know if you need more help.

    RN Medical Officer and Emergency Physician
  3. May I be the first to make some silly remark about masturbation and the location of your injury in order to get it out of the way?
  4. You read my mind :lol:
  5. 2_deck_dash i could see that coming only reading the title :lol:

    Boxy it is really important now that you get yourself to A & E and INSIST that they XRay your wrist.
    Hopefully it will be nothing more than a sprained wrist, sprains have different severitys and a bad sprain can take several weeks to recover. If you have been trying to do press ups etc it will of been hindering the healing process as the main cure for any sprain is rest.

    Go and get the XRay and take it from there ........... if they tell you to rest then rest it is otherwise it will not heal.

    Wrists can be funny things, i think if you had a fracture you would certainly have known about it, I speak from experience as I broke mine a couple of years back, told myself it was a sprain went to bed on it and got a hell of a telling off at the hospital the morning after for leaving it overnight ie morning after i knew it was broken it bloomin well hurt badly (distal radius fracture) had to be re-set and 6 weeks in a purple POT !

    I think if it was broken you would know about it but get it CHECKED OUT NOW just incase.
    PS I didnt do mine on a pisser ..... who invented the bloody trampoline :roll:
  6. There you are Boxy, your own Mum has probably told you, we've told you, and now A. N. Other's Mum has told you, too.

    Cut along and see to it, and get used to being told!
  7. Moggy, unless you want to start taking responsibility for exposing people to ionising radiation I suggest you wind your neck in about the use of x-rays in diagnosing sprains or fractures. If you knew anything about what you are talking about you would know that a fracture which only causes minor pain 3 weeks down the line is likely to be minor and one which will require nothing but a splint for a couple of weeks - and would probably get better without even that.

    You don't demand x-rays (and neither do I - I request them from the Department of Diagnostic Imaging) - if you took that attitude in my Department you'd be out the door and on the way to another ED.
  8. Boxy, does it hurt when you try to rotate your wrist/forearm?

    Because that's how it felt when I had a small fracture (ulna). This may not be the case with everyone obviously, but as angrydoc has said, I went to the hospital after 3/4 weeks of it being a nuisance and they just stuck it in a splint and sent me on my way.

    Naturally I had demanded an X Ray first, by banging my good fist ( :wink: ) on the counter of the reception at A&E :D
  10. angrydoc this is an internet forum where people post and people post back with their opinions, views etc . A forum member has asked about a sprained wrist and i replyed as i am entitled to do ............ from now on is no person allowed to say anything on any medical matter incase Angrydoc rebukes them ........ you did say get an Xray .
    I take no responsibility to anyone exposing themselves to anything
    and will not wind my neck in.
    You obviously have a 2 inch penis and can not find a medical cure !
    I rest my case
    Doc my ass
  11. :happy1:
  12. No, someone posted a question and asked for an answer. Presumably one which is accurate.

    If I start a post asking about how to bake an apple pie then I don't want someone telling me how to make a stroganoff.

    And I didn't say get an x-ray - I said get examined ± x-ray. If you're going to quote me at least get it right.
  13. it dosent hurt at all i can move it anyway i want it only hurts or feels weak (not really sure how to describe it) when i put pressure on my wrist ie in a press up position, it hurts on the top part of it at the joint.

    edit to add any masterbation jokes are welcome :D
  14. If he goes to the BRI they'll ask if he did it in a drunken brawl, if yes go to the front of the queue. If he says he did it in some kind of sporting event, in the pursuit of fitness and health for example, he will be x-rayed 4 or 5 hours later after the odour of piss from the drunk in the wheelchair has seeped into his every pore.

    Go to Frenchay or Southmead minor injuries mate, don't waste your time with the BRI!

  15. funny thing is that i went to southmead hospital and i went to the minor injuries and i was seen by a nurse that told me it was a sprain.

    but she said it would be fine in a few weeks and its not, its still the same, i havent even been doing pressups or anything, and now that i have about 2 months left i have to start doing them or im buggered
  16. Try Frenchay then, they aren't normally that busy as long as you get there before the after school 'I tripped on my face at playtime' rush. I have found them to be pretty thorough in the past.
  17. And you have a cnut like a damp windsock, point is if there's someone I'd listen to for medical advice it would funnily enough be the doctor.

    You should wind your neck in, otherwise he'll headbutt yer in the tits for a) speaking when not spoken to and b) Not having a sandwich made for him.

    I'll get off my soapbox now :p
  18. You stupid boy Pike
  19. Boxy


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