Spouse stupidity

My missus ain't stupid she tells me, except.

She just returned from town, with a few items of shopping.
"Where is the car" I ask?
"Yes that 14ft long, wine coloured thing I spend a lot of money on".
"Oh sugar, I came back on the bus"..."Its your fault, not letting me drive it very often"
She is as we speak on the bus back to town to fetch it. I do hope she has the keys. 8O :D
Watching "Dances with Wolves", thousands and thousands of Buffalo running all over the fuckin place in glorious colour, wife's comment:-

"Its a shame they hunted them to extinction in the 18 hundreds." 8O 8O
Many years ago, when I was based in the RNPS I got home to Balloch to be told by my wife she had had to walk home with the shopping and that I needed to go into the village and 'rescue' the car, which was parked outside the grocers/co-op with a flat tyre. Off I went only tto find the car with four fully inflated tyres but the front offside wheel parked in a pothole. That evening I wrote a strogly worded letter to the County Council complaining about the poor maintenance of the roads.

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