Spot what belongs to whom competition

I have just started to recover from the shock defeat of the Matelots by the Pongos only hours ago. I was gutted! However all this weeping detracts from the important events of the last couple of days: the chatting, drinking, cuddling and kissing... and that's just the girls!

Now I have a little competition to keep you on your toes, and test your discernment. Below are a series of photographs taken on Friday night, after more than a few pints, by a group of Rum Rationers. Your task is to identify ALL the bits and to whom they belong... Your reward is to spend a few wondrous and exciting minutes, at a mutually agreed date and time, with one or more of the poseurs, in RR's very own Chatroom... and maybe more, who knows!

So here goes.....

A) Whose foot is this?

B) Whose toes are these?

C) What is this and to whom does it belong?

And finally.... Who do these belong to?




Q.A I see that Royal surpassed himself in the decorum stakes...again. GRs toes
Q.B Blobs you slut...Steve lovely tongue action.
QC I wasn't there so its not me (very close replica though) I'd say it would have to be Lister cos of the tats ..
Q D 1) a freckled pair ...must be Pintas
2)Jeepers shes Goldie.. no wait a min.. er nice bra anyhoo
3)Womps...nice pert boobs ..stop biting your nails though.
Seems a good time was had by all, good one.

Looks like my kind of run ashore did anybody do "The Death of Nelson" or "Eskimo Nell". Who bailed you from Cannon Row Police Station.

I'm still waiting for the owners of D,E and F to come forward and make yourselves known :)
Gonna be a LLLOOOOOOOONNNGGG time looking at those :D


War Hero
At least the phots of me and Harrybosch behaving where published..dont want anyone thinking we acted like the sexualy repressed children we are....Oh, lads you all missed the totty with virtually no clothes on at the breakfast table the next morning....even Harrybosch muttered something along the lines of "marks out of ten I'd give it one" :D
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