Spot this guys problem


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Latest scam email received this morning, can anyone spot the flaw in his master plan

I am an auditor for PRIME BANK London, during my last auditing I
realized an unclaimed Bank Draft of 8,528,000GBP (Eight Million Five Hundred and Twenty Eight Thousand GBP).I need an honest person that I can present as the beneficiary to this funds, which would be transferred to you for the benefit of the two of us.The funds shall be shared 50/50 between the two of us at the completion of this transaction
Janner, ask him to invest £20K of the money by depositing it by Western Union Money Transfer to Janner's Offshore Emporium and promise you'll double his money.

...Alternately as an ex Vincey boy you could just be honest and tell him you never learnt to count beyond 240! :biggrin: :dwarf:
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