Spot the Problem

Every now and then a mate of mine will call to say that there is a problem with his computer. Usually there are rogue applications running which he “knows nothing about†or his browser is defaulting to a site which he’s “never seen beforeâ€!

The latest problem is Outlook Express not being able to locate “msoe.dll†despite it being in the correct folder – a quick scan of his registry revealed over 800 errors...

There is a pattern to these problems, they usually occur when his wife has been away for a few days. Any ideas? :wink:
Bit over the top for most but,every three months or so I do a full backup and a format,clears all the crap out and the machine runs like a train.
It's pretty quick to reload and transfer the important files after a while.
works for me.
Hows about getting to know the neighbours wife - that should clear it all up.

If he asks for a cuppa sugar during the working day, all the files will be available.
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